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Race 1 – Esbjerg to Harlingen

The Tall Ships Races 2022 kicks off in Esbjerg, Denmark, with a spectacular four days of fun and excitement on the North Sea coast. 2022 will see the Tall Ships visit the city and it will act as the perfect starting point for an epic sailing adventure taking you south to Harlingen, The Netherlands.

The North Sea will provide you and your fellow crew the perfect introduction to the exhilaration of the Tall Ships Races. As you sail south you will become an integral member of the crew and learn all aspects of sailing a Tall Ship or Small Ship, including setting the sails, climbing the mast and manning the helm.

Whatever ship you decide to join, you will enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in one of the most unique sailing experiences in the world. From the awe inspiring majesty of a Square Rigged giant to the high speed adrenaline of a Bermuda Sloop, the perfect voyage awaits.

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Keep checking back to see the fantastic Tall Ships and Small Ships you could be sailing on as they enter this race.