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Marketing Toolkit

National Sail Training Organisations, vessels and vessel operators have asked for support to encourage young people to take part in sail training opportunities.

Sail Training International has compiled a toolkit to help them with this comprising:

  • Sail training guide to writing a marketing plan
  • Sail training guide to writing a news release
  • Sail training guide to using social media
  • Sail training key messages
  • Sail training facts and figures
  • Endorsement letter
  • Sail training general leaflet
  • Sail training promotional graphics*
  • Vessel A-board offer
  • Further information

Other materials to follow will include postcard designs; PowerPoint presentation; password access to a dedicated sail training photo library and more.

*Promotional graphics are available for use as they are in PDF format or in editable IDD format (.IDD files require Adobe InDesign to use).

How to use the marketing toolkit

The Sail training guide to writing a marketing plan (available from Downloads opposite) gives an outline of the different areas you need to think about before using the rest of the toolkit.

Every NSTO and vessel is unique in the sail training opportunities it has to offer, the experience it already has, its budget etc.  This plan will help you develop a strategy and show you where you can use the different downloads available on this page.

We will be continually reviewing and updating these materials – so let us know of any suggested changes or updates – and we will do what we can to help.

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