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YB Tracking

YB allows you to track a vessel’s position from anywhere on earth.

During The Tall Ships Races 2022, each participating ship in the Races was fitted with a YB satellite transponder, a self-contained battery operated tracker which allows tracking of a vessel’s position from anywhere on earth. All vessels taking part in the Races were equipped with one so spectators could follow the fleet – anytime, anywhere – as they sailed from Esbjerg, Denmark, to Harlingen, Netherlands, Antwerp, Belgium, and finished in Aalborg, Denmark.


Once again, during The Tall Ships Races 2022 you were be able to follow the Tall Ships fleet as they made their way along the Race route thanks to the YB satellite tracking system. You can relive each race leg and ensure you miss none of the sailing action.


YB Tracking Device

YB “wakes up” on a regular basis (for example, every hour) to obtain a position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmits that position back to an online map, which is embedded on the STI website during a Race, or viewed directly. If you own a Yellowbrick you get your own personal map, which you can embed into your own website. Vessels taking part in STI events are now being offered a unique opportunity to purchase their own Yellowbrick device, at a substantial discount to the normal price. And for each take STI then benefits from a rebate on its cost for hiring Yellowbrick for our Races.

YB Tracking features a big selection of different sailing events; the event you are interested in should be chosen on the PC or app home screen by its event name.

Once the event is loaded, the user will see a satellite view of the first race course for that event. The system works slightly differently between PC and phone app – but the basic functions remain the same.

There are multiple legs (or courses) in the event – you can click on the race leg you want to see from a drop down menu. Each race leg page shows the satellite positions of competing vessels and different view options including Overlays, Teams, Leaderboard and Social.

Overlays can provide latitude and longitude lines, day and night indicators, course waypoints, up to date wind directions and speeds, and change the overall map style.

Teams shows vessels in alphabetical order along with nationalities and further information. If you can’t find the vessel you are looking for, it might be you are looking at the wrong division/group. Click the “Groups” button on the top right, and choose the right group. Touching the name of the boat should then take you to the boat on the map.

Leaderboard is a list of the vessels, start time, DTF – Distance To Finish and VMG – Velocity Made Good (the progress made to the finish that is the speed along the rhumb line – the straight distance from race start to race finish).

Please Note: All stats are before the Sail Training International Time Correction Factor has been calculated.

Choose Leaderboard separates the ships into classes for more detailed race tracking. Clicking one of the vessels will centre the map on their location, and highlight them on the map. If a user clicks on or hovers over a vessel, key information – including skipper’s name, current sailing speed, last recorded position and their place in the class leader board and overall leader board – will be shown.

Zoom allows users to select one of three race overviews All, Leaders and Course. Users can zoom into the lead three teams and add different overlays to the event map.


Yes – once all the data has loaded, a scroll bar will appear at the bottom of the map. Clicking and dragging this will move you backwards and forwards through time, so you can replay the race and see the vessels move.


The mobile app will show the latest data we have at all times. If viewing on a PC the data will usually be refreshed at least every fifteen minutes.


YB Tracking platform provides a detailed help page and pop up by clicking on the ‘help’ button.

For help installing the YB Tracking map embed code, contact YB Tracking directly at:

The YB Tracking Race map, with all functionality, can be easily added to your website using the following embed code. This can be added simply through your website’s content management system (CMS).

<div style=”overflow-x: auto;”><iframe src=”″ width=”965px” height=”965px” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe></div>

The div style is added to allow the YB block to resize according to the responsive design of your site. You can change the width and the height to suit your site best.

Replay with all the action in the Tall Ships Races 2019 with YB Tracking and relive the races in full with our race reports, below.

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