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Record of Basic Safety and Seamanship Training

The Sail Training International Trainee Logbook is designed for those receiving training on vessels certificated under the provisions of the SPS Code and on vessels certificated for the purpose of conducting sail training by their flag state.

Operators of vessels so certificated can apply to their National Sail Training Organisation for copies of the Logbook for sale to their trainee crew members. Operators seeking certification from their national administration, and wishing to use the curriculum set out in the Logbook, can download the attached single-sheet curriculum poster to support their application. (The curriculum poster will be made available to vessel operators who want it to be retained or displayed on board).

•  We suggest you read the Guidance Notes on use of the Logbook before reviewing the Logbook itself.
•  The version of the Logbook shown on this page under downloads includes illustrations of how completed training is to be recorded, as detailed in the Guidance Notes.
•  For details on the process for purchasing the Logbook and an Order Form click here.
•  The text of the curriculum poster will be supplied to participating vessels on request in A3 format and can be viewed in A4 format.
•  Please click here for a list of vessels participating in the scheme

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