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There are many ways a welfare professional can support the application of a trainee for sail training, by part funding a place or helping guide a young person through the application process.

There is a growing body of independent academic research validating the power and value of sail training in the personal development of young people. A selection of these studies can be found on our research pages. Social interaction, independence, confidence, self-management, and determination in the face of adversity are just a few examples of crucial, developed attributes that are not easily measurable, and Sail Training International works to develop these for trainees taking part in the sail training experience. More information about the benefits of sail training can be seen here.

Our sail training adventures predominantly focus on our Tall Ships Races and Regattas, as well as endorsed events. However, there are also opportunities to take part in sail training throughout the year, thanks to our membership National Sail Training Organisations (NSTOs).

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