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Jobs with Tall Ships

Career opportunities at sea and on land

Advertisements for jobs available via this page are free of charge but will only be accepted from sail training organisations and vessel operators that are members of their national sail training organisation or the Sail Training International Class A Tall Ships Forum. Download submission forms are below.

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Volunteer / Paid Positions Available
Position Vessel Organisation Location Closing Date Details
Skipper Golden Vanity First Class Sailing Solent/West Country 09/06/2021 Download
Skipper Challenge Wales/Adventure Wales Challenge Wales Home Port Cardiff (Wales), UK and Overseas 30/06/2021 Download
Captain Tall Ship Fair Jeanne Bytowne Brigatine Inc. Ottawa 01/05/2021 Download
Captain Tall Ship Black Jack Bytowne Brigatine Inc. Ottawa 01/05/2021 Download
Staff Skipper Morning Star Trust England, South Coast 09/12/2020 Download
Captain SV Black Dolphin The Harbor School Ltd Hong Kong 10/12/2020 Download
Crew Volunteers STV Windeward Bound The Windeward Bound Trust Hobart, Tasmania Download
Chief Engineer Picton Castle Windward Isles Sailing Ship Company Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada Download
Cook Atyla Atyla Foundation Europe Download
Chief Engineer Atyla Atyla Foundation Europe Download
Multiple HMB Endeavour Replica Australian National Maritime Museum Australia Download
Captain, Mate, Engineer, Deckhands s/v Ruach YWAM Ships Newcastle Australia/PNG Download
Engineer STV Eye of the Wind Forum train & sail GmbH Hamburg, Germany Download
Positions Sought
Name Position Location Posting Date Details
Christine Romanski Deckhand/Nurse Worldwide 01/06/2021 Download
Jackson Henry Hellenga Colclasure Deckhand Worldwide 27/04/2021 Download
Caroline Øhrstrøm Deckhand Europe 15/04/2021 Download
Simon Brunken Deckhand Europe/South America 06/04/2021 Download
Dogus Sahinoglu 2nd Officer/Deckhand Worldwide 17/03/2021 Download
Jessie Hunter Deckhand Worldwide 22/02/2021 Download
Jake Klyne Deckhand Worldwide 15/01/2021 Download
Bastien Arizzi 2nd Officer/Deck Officer/Deckhand Worldwide 07/12/2020 Download
Leticia Taylor Deckhand/Bosun/Cook Worldwide 03/12/2020 Download
Amelia Ralphs Skipper/Mate/Engineer Worldwide 30/11/2020 Download
James Varnham Deckhand Worldwide 15/10/2020 Download
Baptiste Maudry Deckhand Worldwide 09/10/2020 Download
Kevin Bowen Deckhand Worldwide 30/09/2020 Download
Quentin Schmeltzer 2nd Officer/Deck Officer/Deckhand Worldwide 01/09/2020 Download
Wouter Kiekens Deckhand Worldwide 20/08/2020 Download
Suyanto NFU Chief Cook/2nd Cook/Steward Worldwide 10/08/2020 Download
Thomas Borrett Deckhand Worldwide 19/06/2020 Download
Corentin Gachet 2nd Officer Worldwide 02/06/2020 Download
Fouwad Sawant 2nd Officer/Chief Mate Worldwide 20/04/2020 Download
Susanna Larsen Deckhand Worldwide 09/04/2020 Download
Charlotte Cumberbirch Cook Worldwide 20/03/2020 Download
Rudy Schreiber Deckhand Worldwide 16/01/2020 Download
Baerbel Beuse Master/1st Mate Worldwide 09/01/2020 Download
Jakub Szuwalski Skipper/1st Mate/Other Worldwide 09/01/2020 Download

The Tall Ships Races 2021 Update

Tall Ships Races International Ltd. and the Tall Ships Races 2021 Host Ports of Klaipeda, Tallinn and Szczecin, have jointly agreed to cancel The Tall Ships Races 2021.

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