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While management of the activities of Sail Training International depends heavily on volunteers, the staff team is critical to the success of the organisation. Biographies and contact details for all the Sail Training International staff can be found below.

Core Team

The wide ranging services and activities that we deliver globally is only possible due to the efforts and expertise of our staff team and volunteers. Biographies and contact details of the staff team and those volunteers serving as Trustees and directors can be found below.
Gwyn Brown
Chief Executive Officer
Paul Bishop
Head of race directorate
Vanessa Mori
Commercial Director
Mandip Shanker
Head of Marketing and Communications
Mike Bowles
Race Director
Ben Stuart
Event Project Director
Alison Weston
Finance Manager
Ben Clark
Digital Marketing & Communications Manager
Amanda Goodden
Race Directorate Administrator
Alison Short
Commercial Coordinator
Laura Blyth-Brown
Race Assistant

Tall Ships Races International Limited (TSRIL)


The Trustees are elected by the representatives of Member organisations and are responsible for managing the Charity’s affairs. They also appoint the boards of Directors of Subsidiary Companies and various committees and working groups for specific projects.

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