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International Sail Endorsement Scheme

Sail Training International, together with the Nautical Institute, has just completed an internal review of the International Sail Endorsement Scheme. This was done in order to ensure its relevance, accessibility to those in the sector and recognition of equivalency for similar qualifications under other flag states.

Developed through consultation with the industry, ISES is aimed at raising the professional standards in the sail training community and is undertaken by individuals completing practical tasks and acquiring new knowledge before being assessed and endorsed. A fast track route to endorsement is also provided for more experienced sailors.

It is available to CoC holders (incl non-STCW) who have at least 200 days on sailing vessels of not less than 24m WL.

For any queries, to apply for the scheme or renew your endorsement please email:

Further details can be found on the Nautical Institutes website by following the link below.


International Sail Endorsement Scheme

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