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Races & Regattas

The Tall Ships Races take place during the European summer months. We organise up to two Regattas every year – usually in the late summer, sometimes in spring. And we also support a number of endorsed events.

We hope the Tall Ships Races and Regattas reflect our values. We want them to be:

  • A fun, outdoor adventure activity.
  • A voyage of self-discovery, teamwork and acceptance of others.
  • A way to promote diversity, international friendship and understanding.

We start planning all of our events four years in advance.

  • We’ll announce new events as soon as all of the participating ports are confirmed.
  • Once we announce an event, we invite the international fleet of Tall Ships to submit entry forms to take part.
  • As soon as a vessel has signed up their ship name will appear online so potential trainees can see if it’s a vessel they would like to sail on

Full details about all our confirmed events can be seen on our Sail on Board website.

The PDF version of our Future Races Festivals and Events can be downloaded here

The Vessel Entry List for all our events can be seen here.

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