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Esbjerg, Denmark

The international fleet visited Esbjerg for a fourth time during the Tall Ships Races 2018. 2022 will see the Danish city create their greenest Tall Ships yet…

The Races have been an overwhelming success on each occasion, and the port and the city were both swept up in the excitement. In 2018, Esbjerg celebrated the 150th anniversary of the port and there were spectacular celebrations to mark this milestone.

The port is known as the “lifeblood of the city,” and has been instrumental in bringing offshore wind energy to the Danish coast. When the fleet return in 2022, a planned new offshore wind farm will have replaced the current fossil fuelled energy production, giving the whole event a sustainable base.

“In 2022, we want to incorporate the theme of renewable energy into the event. Hosting the Tall Ships Races in 2022 will mark a step on the way to a greener future, and as our motto will be ‘Powering the Winds of Change’, a greener approach will also be a part of the event execution.

“Together with Sail Training International, the other Host Ports and the crews, we are more than ready to create a spectacular and interesting event in 2022.”
Mayor Johnny Søtrup.