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The Tall Ships Races 2022. Race One, Report Six: Provisional Results are in!

Posted on: 13.07.22

After an exciting race from Esbjerg (Denmark) to Harlingen (Netherlands), Race One of The Tall Ships Races 2022 has ended and provisional results made available.

These results are subject to change – before finalising each ship needs to submit a Race Declaration Form which are then checked by the Race Committee and final results announced, with prizes awarded at the Prize Giving following the Crew Parade on Friday.

Chairman of the Race Committee, Robin Snouck Hurgronje, says:

“After a cold and windy Sail Out, the ships arrived in the start area off the coast of Esbjerg.  We had to perform a virtual start with almost all ships starting within the start gate. Spaniel (Latvia), however, had fuel tank problems and arrived two hours late at the start gate. The wind force and directions forced the captains to really study the weather forecasts. By doing so they could gain a lot. The fastest ships could easily go around waypoint 2. Because of a wind-drop the slower vessels had much more problem in going around. But they all made it. And than the wind came back from a favourable direction. During all this time Spaniel had managed to fight her way, passing all other vessels. About two hours before the finish line Spaniel and Patricia (Belgium) were in a match-racing competition for the line honours. Spaniel won, an impressive achievement.
I was very pleased by the fact that all participating ships crossed the finish line within the time limit. A good race for everybody”.

The fleet are now arriving into Harlingen, where four days of festivities are about to begin.

Provisional results (on corrected time)

Class A

Fryderyk Chopin (Poland)
Eendracht (Netherlands)
Morgenster (Netherlands)

Class B

Christiana (Norway)
Rupel (Belgium)
Swan (UK)

Class C/D

Esprit (Germany) and first place overall
Belfer (Slovenia)
Spaniel (Latvia)


When the ships are sailing, you can follow the fleet as they make their way along the race routes thanks to the YB satellite tracking system. You can keep up to date with who is leading each race leg and ensure you miss none of the sailing action.

Each participating ship in the Races is fitted with a YB satellite transponder, a self-contained battery operated tracker which allows tracking of a vessel’s position from anywhere on earth. All vessels taking part in the Races are equipped with one so spectators can follow the fleet – anytime, anywhere – as they sail from Esbjerg (Denmark), to Harlingen (Netherlands), to Antwerp (Belgium), finishing in Aalborg (Denmark).

You can see a wide range of race information including; route mapping, real time vessel positions and their historic tracking, vessel details, replay of vessel tracks over time, leaderboards per division/group and current weather conditions.

Follow the Fleet


The Tall Ships Races 2022 will see the international fleet of Tall Ships and Small Ships return to the North Sea. From 7 July-7 August, we will visit Esbjerg, Harlingen, Antwerp and Aalborg.

The event will mark a welcome return to all four Host Ports who have hosted a total of 16 Tall Ships Races and Regattas so far. The series will see the Tall Ships sailing from Esbjerg, Denmark, south through the North Sea to Harlingen, Netherlands, as part of an exhilarating Race One.

Following this they will enjoy a stunning Cruise-in-Company leg further south to Antwerp, Belgium, enjoying spectacular coastal sailing. Race Two will take the fleet from Antwerp, Belgium, back north through the North Sea to Aalborg, Denmark, for the final celebrations.

Esbjerg, Denmark 7 July – 10 July

RACE one

Harlingen, Netherlands 14 July – 17 July


Antwerp, Belgium 22 July – 25 July

RACE two

Aalborg, Denmark 4 August – 7 August