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Cruise-in-Company – Turku to Tallinn

Start your adventure in one of the oldest Nordic regions oldest cities, Turku, Finland, and take in the beauty of its natural surroundings. There’ll be four days of nautical celebrations in port welcoming visitors and crews to the region to enjoy everything the city has to offer. As the fleet leave for the start of the Cruise-in-Company, you’ll then have the opportunity to take part in a spectacular parade of sail.

The Cruise-in-Company is a chance for you to visit some smaller ports, and experience what a sea region has to offer. Many countries have their coastline on the Baltic, meaning you’ll sail past some of the most well known and spectacular cities in Europe. If the weather is warm enough, you might even get the chance to quite literally dive into the tideless waters of the region.

You’ll also take in some breathtaking scenery along route as you sail for the festivities in Tallinn, the starting port for Race Two and the capital of Estonia.

Visit Turku

Visit Tallinn

Keep checking back to see the fantastic Tall Ships you could be sailing on board as they enter this race.