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Vessel stats

Class D
Nationality Finland
Year Built 1998
Rig Bm Sloop


  • Name: ANYA
  • Class: D
  • Nationality: Finland
  • Year built: 1998
  • Home port: Turku, Finland
  • Rig: Bm Sloop
  • Height: 26.64 m
  • Length of hull: 24.45 m
  • Entered by: Juhani Landen


  • Number of trainees: 5
  • Number of permanent crew: 5

Tall ship races and regattas


S/y Anya was built in Turku, Finland, and it was launched in 1998.

The first long sailing tour took the yacht via United Kingdom to Canarian Islands and from there to Caribbean and further to Venezuela along Rio Orinoco. On the way there, Anya participated in ARC-99 competition being the second to cross the line among 238 participants. On the way back Anya sailed via Azores to Finland.

The next long sailing took place in 2001 when Anya sailed via Norway to Bear Islands and further to Spitzbergen crossing e.g. 80th parallel of latitude and sailing in different parts of Spitzbergen.

The length of sailing tour was in total about 8.000 sea miles.