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The Tall Ships Races 2022. Race Two, Report One: A Slow Start for Most

Posted on: 28.07.22

After the delayed start, the virtual start gate has opened and now closed again, with most of the 32-strong fleet having crossed in the required time.

The very light and variable wind is making for slow progress, particularly among the larger vessels. This is the latest update from Race Control:

Patricia (Belgium) made the perfect start crossing within a split second of the Start Gate opening at 08:00 UTC this morning at the favourable end of the 3-mile line in “Americas Cup” precision. She was followed by her arch-rival Spaniel (Latvia) – Tara (Denmark) and Loa (Denmark).

All but four vessels managed to cross the Start Line before the time gate closed at 12:00 UTC in the light and changeable NE winds. These are forecast to persist over the next 24/48 hrs before a more favourable SW airflow comes in on Saturday. The high-pressure ridge is due to stick around the North Sea and looking even further ahead, there is a chance of a less favourable northerly on Sunday which would slow progress once again.

The Race Committee has been monitoring the weather forecast intensely over the past days and the inconsistency in forecasts means that there is a low degree of confidence in the predicted wind. This will be particularly challenging tactically for the captains and navigators . It will be fascinating to see which vessels come out on top in the coming days”.

The Tall Ships Races 2022 Race Director, Paul Bishop

Latest YB positions at time of publishing (on corrected time)

Class A

Fryderyk Chopin (Poland)
Shabab Oman II (Oman)
Loa (Denmark)

Class B

Christiana (Norway)
Jolie Brise (UK)
Jens Krogh (Denmark)

Class C

Belfer (Poland)
Esprit (Germany)
Spaniel (Latvia)

Class D

Patricia (Belgium)
Op Stok 3 (Belgium)
Asta (Germany)


Once again, you will be able to follow the Tall Ships fleet as they make their way along the race routes thanks to the YB satellite tracking system. You can keep up to date with who is leading each race leg and ensure you miss none of the sailing action.

Each participating ship in the Races is fitted with a YB satellite transponder, a self-contained battery operated tracker which allows tracking of a vessel’s position from anywhere on earth. All vessels taking part in the Races are equipped with one so spectators can follow the fleet – anytime, anywhere – as they sail from Esbjerg (Denmark), to Harlingen (Netherlands), to Antwerp (Belgium), finishing in Aalborg (Denmark).

You can see a wide range of race information including; route mapping, real time vessel positions and their historic tracking, vessel details, replay of vessel tracks over time, leaderboards per division/group and current weather conditions.

Follow the Fleet


The Tall Ships Races 2022 will see the international fleet of Tall Ships and Small Ships return to the North Sea. From 7 July-7 August, we will visit Esbjerg, Harlingen, Antwerp and Aalborg.

The event will mark a welcome return to all four Host Ports who have hosted a total of 16 Tall Ships Races and Regattas so far. The series will see the Tall Ships sailing from Esbjerg, Denmark, south through the North Sea to Harlingen, Netherlands, as part of an exhilarating Race One.

Following this they will enjoy a stunning Cruise-in-Company leg further south to Antwerp, Belgium, enjoying spectacular coastal sailing. Race Two will take the fleet from Antwerp, Belgium, back north through the North Sea to Aalborg, Denmark, for the final celebrations.

Esbjerg, Denmark 7 July – 10 July

RACE one

Harlingen, Netherlands 14 July – 17 July


Antwerp, Belgium 22 July – 25 July

RACE two

Aalborg, Denmark 4 August – 7 August