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Race Two – Lisbon to Cadiz

The final race of The Tall Ships Races Megallan-Elcano will take you from the beautiful spectacle of Lisbon to one of Europe’s oldest inhabited cities, Cadiz.

Get ready for a real adventure as you sail from Portugal to Spain, strategy will be key as you follow in the footsteps of sailors of old. During the race, you will have the perfect opportunity to experience the awe inspiring nature of life at sea. This final leg will offer exciting racing conditions, with plenty of opportunity for you to put your skills to the test and learn something new. Whether it’s steering the ship and setting the course, hoisting the sails or sitting under the stars on deck as you start your night watch.

Cadiz, Spain, will provide a magnificent welcome as the final race port of The Tall Ships Races Megallan-Elcano. Here, you can expect a truly electrifying four days of celebrations as the race series reaches its climax.

Keep checking back to see the fantastic Tall Ships you could be sailing on board as they enter this race.