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Race Report 7: First Vessels Due to Cross the Finish Line Early Tomorrow

Posted on: 19.07.16

Spaniel (Latvia) has just over 50 miles to go, and it looks likely that she’ll be first to cross the finish line early tomorrow morning in race one of The Tall Ships Races 2016.

If the wind fills in, which it’s forecast to do, she might even make it later tonight. Ocean Spirit of Moray (UK) will likely be second across the finish line, as long as she can hold off the might of square-rigger Mir (Russia), which is beginning to make gains on her. Dar Mlodziezy (Poland) and Challenge Wales (UK) are also closing the finish line and should finish tomorrow morning.

The Class placings are:

Class A

  1. Statsraad Lehmkuhl (Norway)
  2. Georg Stage (Denmark)
  3. Fryderyk Chopin (Poland)

Class B

  1. Jolie Brise (UK)
  2. Rupel (Belgium)
  3. Maybe (UK)

Class C

  1. St Iv (Estonia)
  2. Spaniel (Latvia)
  3. Challenge Wales (UK)

Class D

  1. Akela (Russia)
  2. Tomidi (Belgium)
  3. Politechnika (Poland)

The wind is forecast to increase gradually over the next 24 hours. However, it might be too late for the few back-markers, who may need to retire and motorsail in order to get to Lisbon on Friday.

For up to date positions of the vessels in The Tall Ships Races 2016, check out our YB satellite tracking page.

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Photo: Challenge Wales (UK), Class C.