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Race 1 – South Korea to Nanao

The SCF White Sails of Peace Tall Ships Regatta 2021 will kick off in South Korea, with an epic five days of maritime spectacle and festivities. Following these celebrations in the Southern port city, the Tall Ships fleet will then set sail for Nanao, Japan.

Throughout your voyage from South Korea to Nanao, you will enjoy a fantastic five days of sailing in the heart of the Pacific Rim. With over 500 miles of ocean to cross, you will have the perfect opportunity to learn all about what it takes to sail these majestic vessels across the high seas.

Whether it be climbing the mast and setting the sails on a Class A Tall Ship, or an adrenaline fuelled race close to the water line in a Class D yacht, you’re sure to have the time of your life on a voyage of discovery.

Keep checking back to find out details of the Tall Ships vessels taking part in this epic sailing adventure.


Spaces available for this race.

tall ship koreana


Spaces available for this race.