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Tall Ships Races 2017 Race 2, Report 3: First Vessels Cross the Finish Line

Posted on: 26.07.17

Strong winds and perfect sailing conditions saw the Tall Ships fleet make quick passage from Turku, Finland, to Klaipeda, Lithuania, as part of Race 2 if the Tall Ships Races 2017…

Here’s what Race Director, Mike Bowles, had to say about the favourable conditions and early finishes.

“Strong winds from the north and north east have meant a very fast race for the ships in Race 2 of the Tall Ships Races 2017 Race Series. The first have already finished only some 36 hours after the race start off Turku, Finalnd, on Monday. We have seen some ship speeds regularly in excess of 12kts which has enabled this quick passage.

“Some ships will not go straight into harbour but will remain at sea providing a good opportunity for further sail training for the embarked trainees. The cut off date/time to be in Klaipeda is midday on Saturday 29 July.

“Provisional race positions show Tre Kronor of Stockholm in the lead in Class A, Ingo also from Sweden in Class B, Black Diamond of Durham from the UK in Class C and Tuulelind from Estonia in Class D. It is emphasised that these result are only provisional at this stage and that things can easily change.

“The wind is due to moderate later this morning and then go round to a southerly direction later today.”

Race Director, Mike Bowles, Sail Training International



  1. Tre Kronor af Stockholm (Sweden)
  2. Royalist (UK)
  3. Shtandart (Russia)


  1. Ingo (Sweden)
  2. Kapitan Borchardt (Poland)
  3. Ihana (Finland)


  1. Black Diamond of Durham (UK)
  2. Emely (Poland)
  3. St Iv (Estonia)


  1. Tuulelind (Latvia) 
  2. Bies (Poland)
  3. Zryw (Poland)

Note: Positions and placings are correct at time of writing. Check out YB Satellite Tracking for the latest information.

News from the Crew of Urania

“After yesterday’s exciting start we’ve sailed a long way in the direction of Klaipeda. Today was the first day we experienced how different the sea can become in a matter of minutes. This was really exciting and gave us the opportunity to learn something about what different winds and weather conditions can do to a ship. Yesterday the vessels were really close and we could spot the boats on eyesight, now we have to use a binocular.

“Nevertheless we’ve seen some amazing ships pass by, this was truly a joy to look at. Today we also learned how to change sails, this was really exciting and gave us the opportunity of learning how to cooperate with each other on a new level. On the whole, it was a beautiful day were we’ve learned a lot, seen a lot and we made sure we had another experience to add to our skills as future leaders. We are all very excited about what tomorrow will bring.”


Taking part in The Tall Ships Races 2017 is fun – lots of fun. You can take part too – zero experience necessary.  Places are available on ships across the fleet on the final race leg, from Klaipeda, Lithuania, to Szczecin, Poland.  Just do it ?

Halmstad, Sweden 30 June – 3 July


Kotka, Finland 13 July – 16 July


Turku, Finland 20 July – 1 August


Klaipeda, Lithuania 29 July – 1 August


Szczecin, Poland 5 August – 8 August

All five host ports are experienced and boast a total of 11 Tall Ships Races and Regattas between them. Take a look at each of the race pages to see which vessels are taking part.  Many are still looking for trainee crew to join them; simply pick a vessel and go their website to book your place. Or email and our helpful team will do all the hard work and help you find the perfect ship for you!

Follow the event on the Sail Training International Facebook page where we will be posting photos and videos throughout the event.

Photos: Kapitan Borchardt (Poland) under sail during the Tall Ships Races 2017. (Courtesy of Richard Sibley)