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What people say about Sail Training International
Nikolay Kulagin
"It was a pleasure and good experience to cooperate with Sail Training International and I want to thank you for all positive moments and your cooperation."
Vladimir Martus
"The Conference was a great location and I had an excellent time. With gratitude to the Sail Training International team – thank you!"
Gareth Parker
Campaign Director, Rona II
"The Regatta was in many respects our most successful campaign yet; highest percentage of women participating, best financial situation and great feedback."
Nova Scotia, Canada
"Each person is professional, knowledgeable and fun. We can always use more time with them; they are rich with information and ideas."
Ivo Ivanos
"The Regatta was a lifetime experience for team Spaniel; only the second time in history that our boat has crossed the Atlantic. Thanks for all your assistance."
Carol Shannon
CEO, Sail Leeuwin
"Most useful at the conference was networking - as a very isolated operator, it is so interesting to be able to discuss a such a wide range of issues."
Sail Training Association Latvia
"It was a great pleasure to be at the conference and share my experiences and discuss the challenges, opportunities and solutions with many like-minded people."
William Sabatini
US Brig Niagara
"Keep doing what you do. It inspires me to get my country to catch up to what is happening in Europe."

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