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John E. Burnett Bursary Launched

February 3, 2021

Sail Training International is pleased to announce the launch of the John E. Burnett Bursary, a new Sail Training fund in 2021.

With similar goals to our other bursaries, the scheme is aimed at disabled people of any age. The purpose of the fund is to encourage self-development by actively participating in a Sail Training voyage on a Tall Ship during a Sail Training International Tall Ships Race or Regatta.

How Did the Bursary Start?

The bursary was founded to honour the memory of John E. Burnett. As a talented young production engineer at the onset of World War II, he wished to serve in the Royal Navy, but his skills were thought to be more valuable at home.

After a successful career, he founded his own manufacturing company. He somehow still managed to find time to help others and worked with the UK charity Remap to make custom-built equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives.

After losing a leg to osteosarcoma, John experienced the same difficulties facing the charities beneficiaries himself. Sadly he did not survive to enjoy the retirement that, after a lifetime of hard work, he rightly deserved.

His family immediately thought of John when seeing the Class A Tall Ship Tenacious (UK) in Funchal, Portugal, and speaking with its crew members. After learning of the surprising range of possibilities that life on a sailing ship offers disabled people, they were inspired to found the bursary.

Who Can Apply

The John E. Burnett Bursary Scheme is open to anyone, but preference will be given to applicants who have never taken part in a Tall Ships Race or Regatta. We welcome disabled people of any age, regardless of nationality, background or previous sailing experience.

The maximum amount awarded is £600 each (if living outside Europe, exceptions may be made for long distance travel costs).


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If you have any questions about the suitability of vessels and on board programmes, provisions for carers or anything else, please contact Vanessa Mori (

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