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The Tall Ships Races 2022: Four Host Ports Announced

Posted on: 06.09.19

Sail Training International are very pleased to reveal the host ports for the Tall Ships Races 2022. From Thursday 7 July-Sunday 7 August, the Tall Ships Races 2022 will visit Esbjerg in Denmark, Harlingen in the Netherlands, Antwerp in Belgium and Aalborg in Denmark…

We are delighted to have four excellent host ports which have hosted The Tall Ships Races very successfully in recent years, helping us to promote international friendship and understanding. These wonderful cities have hosted a total of 16 Tall Ships Races and Regattas so far and are sure to host a world class Tall Ships Races event for 2022.

The series will see the majestic Tall Ships sailing from Esbjerg, Denmark, south through the North Sea to Harlingen, Netherlands, as part of an exhilarating Race One. Following this they will enjoy a stunning Cruise-in-Company leg further south to Antwerp, Belgium, enjoying spectacular coastal sailing. Race Two will take the fleet from Antwerp, Belgium, back north through the North Sea to Aalborg, Denmark, for the final celebrations.

Sail Training International Chief Executive Officer, Gwyn Brown, said:

“We are delighted to announce the host ports for The Tall Ships Races 2022. We are confident these ports will embrace the International Tall Ships fleet, with their maritime legacy, commitment to youth development and adventurous spirit which goes hand in hand with our values of international friendship and understanding.

“Sail Training International is proud of its longstanding relationship with the host port cities of Esbjerg, Harlingen, Antwerp and Aalborg and is pleased that these cities will again play host to the Tall Ships Races in 2022.”

Sail Training International Chief Executive Officer, Gwyn Brown

The Tall Ships Races 2022 Route

The Race Organisation Committee has looked at options which deliver one short and one longer race leg and a scenic cruise-in-company along a charming coast. Race One will create a thrilling course with vessels often in sight of each other, something that has proved popular in the past.

Race Two is set for more challenges and a longer duration at sea as the fleet sails from Antwerp to Aalborg. The race series will offer trainees an opportunity to participate in a variety of sail training experiences along with enticing options for international vessel operators to build a strong base for trainee recruitment.

Race One (180 Nautical Miles/Four Days)

Cruise-in-Company (180 Nautical Miles/Five Days)

Race Two (625 Nautical Miles/10 Days)


We aren’t open for ship entries yet, but this is an event to put into your forward plan or bucket list and start saving up for! You can keep up to date with the build up by visiting our dedicated event page.

The Tall Ships Races 2022

About the Host Ports


Esbjerg, Denmark, will be our very first port, commencing the Tall Ships Races 2022 on Thursday 7th July until Sunday 10th July 2022. This will then see Race One start from Esbjerg to Harlingen, the Netherlands which will see what promises to be an exhilarating race course, set to cover over 180 nautical miles in four days.


Harlingen, The Netherlands, is one of the oldest seaports in The Netherlands, and it’s the gateway to northern Holland from the North Sea. 2014 saw it host its first ever Tall Ships Races and due to its success, the event returned to the city in 2018 with over 330,000 visitors.


Since 2001, Antwerp has hosted the Tall Ships Races three times. Located in the heart of Europe, it’s a pocket-sized metropolis and the continent’s second-largest port. It’s a melting pot of cultures, with 164 different nationalities living and working within it.


Aalborg, Denmark will be the final port for The Tall Ships Races 2022. Aalborg will once again experience how the river, Limfjorden, the people and the ships connect with the natural landscape of the city. Beginning on Thursday the 4th of August the city of Aalborg will welcome the International fleet for the final celebrations and spectacle for the sixth time since 1999.