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Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Adventure Travel

Posted on: 09.02.18

Adventure travel and holidays can sometimes be an expensive activity but there are lots of ideas out there for fundraising that you can use to help you…

Whether it’s by doing something out of your comfort zone, making some comfort food or selling something which isn’t so comfortable anymore… there are many ways to make your travel dreams a reality. 

To help inspire you on your way to being a fundraising superstar, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 fundraising ideas for adventure travel.

steps for fundraising using crowdfunding

A crowdfunding page is a great fundraising idea.

1. Set Up A Crowdfunding page

The internet plays a huge role in our daily lives and it can help you to fundraise for various causes. Websites such as Go Fund Me and Just Giving provide a platform to start a crowdfunding campaign. You can use them to tell people why you’re raising money, and how much you’d like to raise, by setting a target. This can help people to decide how much they’d like to give as well as keeping them up to date as you work towards your goal. Sharing your crowdfunding page on social media can then help you reach a wider audience who may also want to donate.

food from different cultures

An international buffet is a delicious fundraising idea.

2. Host An International food night

Everybody’s heard of a bake sale, but making foods from different places and cultures around the world is something a bit different. You can invite friends and family over and ask for a donation in return for some great food. If you’re fundraising for a trip, you could even cook food from some of the places you’ll be visiting so they can get a taste for where you’ll be heading on your travels. You never know… you may even learn something about those countries too!

jumble sale selling old items

Hold a jumble sale to sell all your old books and clothes.

3. Selling old Books and Clothes

We’ve all got books that are sat on a shelf gathering dust, or clothes that we haven’t pulled out of the wardrobe in forever and have now completely grown out of… selling these old clothes, books and any other items that you don’t want anymore is a great fundraising idea. You can even see if any of your relatives or friends have anything they don’t want that they would be willing to donate for you to sell. There are endless ways you can do it as well, internet auction sites are great, and you can also sell them at a car boot or jumble sale. By reducing the amount of rubbish you throw away, it’s also an environmentally friendly way to raise money.

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4. Do A Sponsored challenge

A sponsored challenge is a great way to raise money whilst taking on fun new challenges. There are plenty of options for sponsored challenges, such as abseiling or zip lining if you like something adrenaline based. If you want to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, then you can give something up for a month such as chocolate, or walk everywhere instead of cycling or taking a car. You can create your own sponsorship form easily, or download one of our branded forms, and then distribute it online through social media profiles.


Dog walking is just one of the errands you could run to raise funds (Image courtesy of Mabel Amber via Pixabay).

5. Provide a service/Run errands

Offering to run errands for people, or your services, is another brilliant fundraising idea. Picking up dry cleaning, walking a dog, washing a car or babysitting are just a few of the ways you can do this. It can even be as simple as doing extra chores around the house in exchange for a donation from your parents or family. It also means that not only are you raising funds, but you are also helping people out. A good way to advertise would be to hand out flyers in your local area or create a Facebook page for people to come to you.

What next?

Hopefully our list has given you some top fundraising ideas. If we’ve inspired you to start fundraising, take a look at our Fund Yourself page for more ideas and resources that can help you on your way to successful fundraising.

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