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Announcing the Caribbean Bursary Fund 2018/2019

Posted on: 14.02.18

Young Caribbean residents have a unique opportunity to apply for a sail training bursary thanks to the Sail Training International Caribbean Bursary Fund.

If you are aged 15-25 years old and live in the Caribbean region you are invited to apply for up to €500 in bursary funding to set sail on a Tall Ships’ sail training adventure during 2018 and 2019.

Taking part in a sailing adventure is guaranteed to be a life-changing experience. As you find yourself crashing through the waves as an essential member of the crew, you’ll discover hidden strengths and talents you never knew you had.

You’ll find yourself steering, raising sails, cooking in the galley, cleaning, navigating, taking part in night watches and more. Whatever you find yourself doing, you’ll be an essential member of the team, learning new skills and making friends from around the world.

Download your application form here.

What tall ships’ adventures are available?

The following Tall Ships are going to be in the Caribbean region from May 2018 to May 2019 and have spaces available for sail training voyages. All these vessels are Sail Training Blue Flag registered vessels, which means they have signed a pledge to adhere to a code of environmental best practice on board.


Vessel Name Availability Blue Flag Registered
Blue Clipper (UK) Dec ’18 – May ’19 Yes
Lord Nelson (UK) Fully Booked Yes
Oosterschelde (Netherlands) Fully Booked Yes
Vahine (Finland) Dec ’18 – May ’19  Yes


And if we hear about any more sail training vessels which will be in the Caribbean during this time, they’ll be eligible too. To find an up to date list of available vessels, just head to our Caribbean Bursary page here.

Have your heard about a sailing training vessel that is going to be in the Caribbean but isn’t currently on the list? Don’t worry, as long as they meet Sail Training International’s criteria you may still be able to receive a bursary to sail on board.

What Funding is Available for a tall ships adventure?

Caribbean bursaries are match funded (for every Euro you put in, we’ll put a Euro in too!) up to a value of €500 for every applicant. If you have exceptional circumstances, you might even be able to receive more funding.

Match funding covered in the Caribbean Bursary Fund doesn’t just need to be raised by you. You can also contact local businesses, charities and other sponsors to help you raise funds. Check out our Support pages to find out more about how to raise money for a voyage on a sail training vessel.

The final deadline for applications is 31 March 2019 – but the bursary will close when the funding has all been allocated, so get your applications in sooner rather then later!

What’s Next?

Are you interested in applying for the Caribbean Bursary Fund 2018/2019? Just follow the three steps below – it really is that simple!

1. Take a look at the websites of the vessels sailing in the Caribbean region and see if there is a vessel and date to suit you. Don’t forget you can also book on other ships that meet Sail Training International’s criteria – just let us know if you hear about any others!

2. Fill in the application form here and return it to
The deadline for applications is 31 March 2019 but funding is limited, so bursaries will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until the funding has been spent.

3. As soon as your application is received it will be assessed, on a case by case basis, and Sail Training International will let you and the vessel know if your application has been successful at the earliest opportunity.

Want to know more about your sail training adventure?

Explore the pages on and if you have any general questions please email

We look forward to welcoming you on board!