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Value of Sail Training

We’re huge sailing fans at Sail On Board… as you might have guessed. Sail training is a fun, challenging and exhilarating activity, but these aren’t the only reasons to take part…

Academic studies have shown that sail training can help you develop many aspects of your life. The ability to stretch yourself and forge strong working relationships, even when things don’t go to plan, are just some of the transferable skills that you can build at sea.

Benefits of Sail Training

Enjoy the benefits of sail training.

1. Communication Skills: Increased Social Confidence

Studies have found that young people who have taken part in sail training show increased social interaction and an improved ability to communicate with others.

2. Face Your Fears: Ability to Overcome Challenges

Sailing presents challenges that require you to step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis. This could be everything from overcoming vertigo up in the rigging, to keeping your breakfast down in rough seas.

3. New Skills: Technical Sailing Knowledge

Surprisingly, learning about the technical aspects of sailing isn’t the most important thing about sail training. However, you will learn a lot, which you’ll find interesting and it’ll help you improve your knowledge and understanding.

4. Environmental Awareness: Understanding of Sustainability and the Marine Environment

Every adventure presents different sights, sounds and experiences. You’ll likely get the chance to spot dolphins, whales, flying fish and all sorts of sea birds, though. So, don’t forget to pack your guidebooks and binoculars. You can also learn about clouds, weather, astronomy and sea states whilst on board.

5. Become Brave: Learn to Overcome Fears and Anxieties

During every sail training adventure, you’ll experience lots of situations where you’ll need to step outside your comfort zone. You might even face stressful or difficult situations. But don’t worry, the crew is there to support you. And research has shown that the ability to cope in these circumstances is transferable to everyday life.

6. Team Work: Understand, and Work Well Within, Hierarchal Structures

There are lots of different hierarchical living environments on board a vessel. These give you the opportunity to understand methods of integration that you’ll find invaluable in future employment.

7. New Skills: Increased Levels of Academic Ability and Achievement

You’ll learn lots of skills on board, including self-management and overcoming challenges. These important qualities have been proven to help you achieve more in your future academic studies.

8. Cultural Competence: Better Understanding of the World

Sail training knows no borders. One of the greatest aspects of our Tall Ships Races and Regattas is the number of friends you’ll make from different cultural backgrounds.

9. Future employability: Improve the strength of your CV

Most of you will have heard the expression, “You can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.” Don’t panic – taking part in a sail training adventure can give you valuable experience that makes you as employable as possible, without having a job.

You’ll gain experience and build skills in lots of different areas. This can help you in every aspect of your life, including your career. Of course, employers are looking for traditional qualifications, but they’re also keen to see that you work well with others, have a high level of self-confidence, and can overcome a variety of challenges and difficulties. Participating in an adventure under sail is a great way to show employers what you’re made of… and to make your CV the stuff of legends.