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If you can’t make the dates of the Tall Ships Races and Regattas, don’t worry. There are still plenty of opportunities to try sail training or to take part in a different adventure.

You could head out to sea on your own voyage and visit a different part of the world, or get to know the oceans closer to home.

The sea doesn’t care about your personal circumstances… so we want to make sail training as welcoming as possible, for everyone.

No matter who you are, there’s an adventure out there with your name on it. Some vessels welcome trainees with special needs, while others provide exciting opportunities for unemployed or underprivileged young people. Some encourage religious groups… and others are specially adapted for the very youngest trainees.

You can find out which vessels operate all year round on our Vessels A-Z directory.

There are lots of different types of vessels that provide a wide variety of adventures under sail. These include everything from the tallest, grandest, square-rigged Class As heading out to Antarctica, down to the smallest, fastest Class Ds enjoying day trips along your local coastline. Simply visit our Vessels page for detailed information on Class A to Class D vessels that offer sailing adventures.

Alternatively, contact your local National Sail Training Organisation (NSTO) to explore what other sailing adventures are possible closer to home.

There are so many different types of adventures that we can’t count them all. Many vessels operate all year round and provide a huge variety of different trips and experiences… and a guarantee that you’ll have an amazing time. These include:

  • Taster day trips
  • Worldwide voyages outside of the Tall Ships Races and Regattas areas
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • Maritime festivals
  • Canal navigation
  • Antarctic expeditions
  • Sailing from one continent to another
  • Voyages to cover certain qualifications, including RYA certificates.

Get in touch with individual vessels or your local NSTO for more information on the trips and experiences that they offer.

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There are a number of vessels in the international fleet that are adapted for trainees with special needs. For example, Lord Nelson and Tenacious are designed to be fully accessible for those with disabilities or impairments, including people who use wheelchairs.

Check out our Vessel A-Z for more information on each vessel.

Antwerp Lord Nelson Crew Parade

The crew of Lord Nelson in the Crew Parade, Antwerp, Tall Ships Races 2016.


Visit Find Your Adventure Under Sail and answer three questions. You can choose the type of sail training you’re interested in, which year you’d like to get involved, and where in the world you want to go. We’ll let you know which vessels might fit the bill, and you can visit their websites and contact them directly to book your place. Simple.

If you’d like help finding and booking your adventure – we’re here to help you every step of the way. Even if you haven’t quite decided on what you want to do, and where you want to go, we can guide you through the process. From finding an event and ships that’s right for you, to contacting a vessel, or finding out more about funding options.

Email the Sail On Board support team on, or give us a call on +44 (0)23 9258 6367. We’ll happily answer all your questions, and try to solve any problems you might be experiencing.