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Oman Bursary Scheme 2018 Open For Applications

Posted on: 26.01.18

“Go away as a ship full of strangers… arrive in port as friends” Sarah Kernoghan (Oman Bursary Recipient)

Sail Training international is proud and privileged to announce that the Oman Bursary Scheme 2018 is open for applications for the seventh year running.

The scheme is aimed at those aged between 15-25 years old who are financially or physically disadvantaged – regardless of sailing experience, physical ability or nationality. It offers the chance for those who may not normally be able to embark on a sail training voyage, or take part in a Tall ships event, to do so.


Taking part in a Tall Ships Race or Regatta  is a unique, life-changing experience. The purpose of the bursary is to allow people who are normally unable to go on a voyage, to be able to take part. To ensure that we continue to encourage people from all over the world to have the opportunity to sail, the bursary is limited to those who haven’t taken part in a Race or Regatta before. Each successful applicant will be awarded a maximum of €500.

There is so much to learn onboard not just about sailing but about other cultures, about the ports you visit and about yourself.


Previous applicants have come from all walks of life and it offers people from all over the world the chance to do something amazing. Their support letters often reveal personal challenges, health problems or physical challenges that they’ve overcome, they also show their dedication and motivations.

Those who receive the Oman Bursary become part of a group, of different nationalities of people from all over the world in an exciting and brand new environment. Through their experiences they form friendships, build confidence and learn new skills and come back having had the adventure of a lifetime.

If your application is successful all we ask in return is that you organise your own travel to and from the vessel and enjoy the experience as much as possible. We’d also like you to complete a feedback form about your adventure and return it with four photographs from your voyage.  Oh – and please tell other people about your voyage on your social media channels, if you have any and join the Sail Training International Facebook group!

“I have learned an incredible amount about myself on this voyage. I have learned to push myself more than I usually would, and that not everything can be done on your own. I think Tall Ships has really shown me that sometimes in life you need to rely on and work with others to get things done which I feel is a really important thing for young people today to understand.”

Saoirse Reynolds (Oman Bursary Recipient)


Sail Training International has enjoyed a long, positive relationship with Oman. The country is regularly involved with our events and is committed to developing young people. Both things that we value!

The scheme was trialled at the Tall Ships Races 2011 and launched officially in 2012 – the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) has funded the scheme every year since.

Since 2013, RNO and Sail Training International have worked together to bring young Omanis to Europe to participate in Sail Training International events on board other nations’ ships. The RNO also presents the annual Sultan Qaboos Trophy to the Sail Training Association or individual who has done the most to promote sail training to young people.

In 2014, the RNO celebrated the delivery of a brand new sail training vessel, Shabab Oman II. This new ship replaced Shabab Oman (Youth of Oman), which had a long and proud sail training history – she won the prestigious International Friendship Trophy nine times! The beautiful Shabab Oman II continues Oman’s sail training success story, promoting international friendship and peace.

Over the last six years RNO donations have helped many disadvantaged young people take part in our events through the Sultanate of Oman Bursary Fund. So far, more than 500 trainees have benefited from the fund, and at our most recent International Sail Training and Tall Ships Conference, it was announced that the RNO have agreed to continue the scheme until 2020.


Find out more about this years events and the vessels booked so far here – Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta 2018, The Tall Ships Races 2018, SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta.

See a list of the Oman Bursary approved vessels here.

More information about the Sultanate of Oman can be seen here.


If you’re interested in applying just download the application form here (PDF) or here (Word).(Once you’ve completed your application form, save it and email it to There is no deadline date, but the bursary scheme will close once all funds have been allocated.