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THE THREE FESTIVALS TALL SHIPS REGATTA 2018 RACE 1, REPORT 2: Front-Runners Cross the Finish Line

Posted on: 30.05.18

The Class C yacht, Sir Stelios (UK) continued her dominance of the first race of the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta 2018 as she gained “Line Honours” in the race from Liverpool, UK, to Dublin, Ireland…

Here’s what Race Chairman, Paul Bishop, had to say about the developments in the race so far.

“At 05 hrs 16 mins and 45 seconds Sir Stelios (UK) crossed the finish line off Dublin to gain “Line Honours” after a tactically challenging race from Liverpool. She was almost caught in the closing stages by Maybe (UK) which narrowed to gap to just 7 nautical miles after some 200 miles of racing.

City of London (UK) and Adventure Wales (UK) have also crossed the finish line and Morgenster (Netherlands) is due to be the first Class A ship to cross shortly, after making some impressive tactical decisions during key stages of the race course. Belle Poulethe beautiful topsail schooner from France, has also put up a superb performance and is due to cross the finish line before the new time limit of 20:00 tonight.

“Most of the Tall Ships are expected to arrive in Dublin on Friday. In the meantime, the Irish coastal town of Dún Laoghaire has offered the vessels and their crews a warm welcome an opportunity to celebrate finishing the race.

Race Chairman, Paul Bishop, Sail Training International

The Race Committee brought the time limit forward as several ships had not made the tidal gate off the north of the Isle of Mann due to the very light and variable headwinds that have prevailed further down the course. Any vessel that will still be racing at the time limit will be eligible for a result under Sail Training International’s unique “Finish at Sea” Rule 32.



  1. Morgenster (Netherlands)
  2. Pelican of London (UK)
  3. Belem (France)
  4. Lord Nelson (UK)


  1. Maybe (UK)
  2. Belle Poule (France)
  3. Atyla (Vanuatu)


  1. Sir Stelios (UK)
  2. City of London (UK)
  3. Adventure Wales (UK)
  4. Juan de Langara (Spain)

Note: Positions and placings are correct at time of writing. Check out YB Satellite Tracking for the latest information.


The Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta is a two-leg event across three sea areas will take place in north-west Europe. Liverpool, United Kingdom (U.K.) will be the start port, then vessels will race to Dublin, Republic of Ireland (R.O.I), and onto Bordeaux, France. The Regatta will see an international fleet of Tall Ships undertake a voyage across the Irish Sea, Celtic Sea and Bay of Biscay.

Any Tall Ships Regatta is a spectacular event for visitors and crew alike, and the Three Festivals Tall Ships Regatta 2018 is no exception. Each stop on the regatta route will coincide with major celebrations as Liverpool marks the ten year anniversary of their year as the European capital of culture and Bordeaux hold the leading European wine festival, Bordeaux Fête le Vin.


Watch the action as it happens and follow the fleet’s progress using YB Satellite Tracking.

Photo: The crew of Lord Nelson (UK) plan their route from Liverpool, UK, to Dublin, Ireland.