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Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta Race 2, Report 2: Changes at the Head of the Fleet and News from the Crews

Posted on: 03.05.17

There was fast action at the front of the fleet on the third day of Race 2 in the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta as Blue Clipper (UK) made her way into first place…

“After a fast first 24 hrs since crossing the start line Sines, Portugal, the fleet slowed up due to light winds. This has given an opportunity for the back markers to close in on the leaders.

“This is benefitting those vessels with the lower TCF (Time Correction Factor), and Blue Clipper (UK) has taken the lead on corrected time having made some good tactical decisions.”

Paul Bishop, Race Director



  1. Blue Clipper (UK)
  2. Jolie Brise (UK)
  3. Wylde Swan (The Netherlands)
  4. Atyla (Vanuatu)
  5. Sagres (Portugal)
  6. Vahine (Finland)
  7. Belem (France)
  8. Spaniel (Latvia)
  9. Peter von Danzig (Germany)
  10. Rona II (UK)

Note: Positions and placings are correct at time of writing. Check out YB Satellite Tracking for the latest information.



35 35N LONG: 10 01W


196  SOG: 8.3 KN


Wind 12 kn, Dir E, Blue skies

“Day 2 of the race to Bermuda.

Wylde Swan was as a bull, waiting in her box in Sines. We hoisted the sails and gave her some wind. She jumped, pushed, ran and we had to hold on to our boots. This new rig is amazing!

After a high speed start yesterday at Sines and some great first miles we’re now in a comfortable mode.

Dolphins jump with us, the sun is out, all sails are up, filled with wind and well trimmed. We are ahead of the others, but of course we can’t slack.

Today we go for details; a little twist, a play with sheet angles, have a good coffee break to ‘discuss’ possible future alterations and enjoy another great lunch from our South African Chef Chris. Life is great at the Wylde Swan.

The coming hours we’ll keep this great 13 knot winds and cruise with a comfortable 8 knots. Course 190. Then wind will die and it will be interesting.

There is nothing as difficult as sailing with no wind, breathing with no air or eating with no food.

Will we go close to the African Coast and play with land winds, or will we go in a straight line to Las Palmas and wait in a no wind area? Or will we use a west passage and find stronger winds there?”


Watch the action as it happens and follow the fleet’s progress using YB Satellite Tracking.


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Photo: The view from Blue Clipper (UK) sailing off of the coast Sines, Portugal, courtesy of Valery Vasilevsky (featured image and banner image).