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Québec City, Canada

Québec City is one of the oldest European settlements in North America, and was the perfect place to host the arrival of the fleet along the Saint Lawrence River. As the first world class Transatlantic Tall Ships Regatta event in Quebéc since 1984, the city and surrounding area came together in an breathtaking celebration…

Québec is recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO, and it’s the perfect location for a celebration that people will remember for a long time. Don’t miss this chance to experience the undeniable charm, unique culture and urban savoir-faire that can only come from this captivating French capital.

During the event, the city will welcome the spectacular Tall Ships fleet and play host to magnificent celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. We expect thousands of visitors from around the world to enjoy spectacular fireworks, colourful crew parades, and street artist performances.

Outside of the festivities, Québec acts as a living museum of 17th- and 18th-century cobblestone streets, seamlessly integrated with its modern cultural spirit and character. There’s more than a touch of old Europe to this American neighbour, which makes it a truly unforgettable experience for visitors.

Visiting Vessels Available for Booking

Picton Castle


Spirit of South Carolina

Appledore V

When and If

Amerigo Vespucci


Lord Nelson



Fair Jeanne

Jolie Brise

Impossible Dream


Gulden Leeuw




Alexander von Humboldt II


Wylde Swan

Denis Sullivan



Regina Germania

El Galeon

Roter Sand


St Lawrence II


Blue Clipper

Visiting Vessels Not Available for Booking

Black Jack

Peter von Danzig

Bluenose II

Empire Sandy

Rona II


Mist of Avalon

HMCS Oriole


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