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The Tall Ships Races 2018

Race statistics

Start date 11/07/18
Finish date 06/08/18
Legs 3
Races 2

Four fantastic cities and two challenging races across the North Sea made the Tall Ships Races 2018 a spectacular event.

The Tall Ships fleet embarked on an invigorating voyage across the North Sea, from Sunderland, UK to Esbjerg, Denmark. The international fleet  then undertook a breath-taking cruise-in-company between Denmark and Norway, before racing down to The Netherlands.

“Many factors need to be considered when selecting ports and planning a Tall Ships Race series, and many people are brought into the process to bring in their expertise, knowledge and judgement. So, we are confident these fine cities will deliver high quality events with excellent support for sail training.

“Sunderland will bring a great sense of community to the event. The success of Esbjerg’s Tall Ships event in 2014 speaks for itself, with over 600,000 visitors and a media audience reach of over 47,000,000. Stavanger has supported Sail Training for a long time and is guaranteed to welcome the fleet in great style by providing the perfect event backdrop at the end of a fjord. And, Harlingen won the Host Port Trophy for recruiting the greatest number of trainees ever – a grand total of 337, which is a Tall Ships Races record.”
Paul Bishop, Race Director, Sail Training International.


Sunderland is a city with an international outlook in the north of England. It enjoys both a spectacular coastline and a river that runs right through the city centre.


Esbjerg supports the fundamental values of Sail Training. Its main goal is for everyone ­– of all ages and experience levels – to experience the event up close.


Stavanger is located on the south-western coast of Norway. It’s known as the “energetic city” – its natural coastal location and open and progressive attitude have made it the energy capital of both Norway and Europe.


Harlingen is one of the oldest seaports in The Netherlands, and it’s the gateway to northern Holland from the North Sea.