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Yeosu fleet finally on their way to Vladivostok

Posted on: 04.09.18

The SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018 is finally underway after the delay caused by the approaching Typhoon Jebi.

Sail Training International Race Director Mike Bowles described the departure and start procedure:

“The fleet departed from Yeosu this morning with the small ships leaving in their own time between 1030 and 1130hrs followed by Nadezhda (Russia) at 1200hrs and finally the magnificent KRI Bima Suci (Indonesia) at 1300hrs.  [All times local].  The Indonesian Navy ship was magnificent with crew manning all the yards and her band playing stirring music on the deck.

The race start will be a gate some 25 miles SE from Yeosu and the gate will be open from 1400 – 1900 hrs local [0500-1000 UTC] today, 4th September. Ships will record their individual start times and pass to the Communications Ship and from then on the race is underway!”

The forecast winds for the first three days look favourable. After that the fleet may experience some northerly winds which will mean the Race Director and the Race Committee will need to make a decision on when and if to call a finish at sea in order to ensure that all ships are in Vladivostok by the deadline on 9th September.

How to follow the Fleet

YB Tracking for SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018 – the Low down…

We at Sail Training International, understandably, really get into the Races and Regattas and we love to follow the fleet.

We do this by using YB Tracking. For those of you who are new to the Race and Regattas – we want to share this great tool, which allows us to keep up to date with the racing. We welcome virtual spectators, who can follow the fleet – anytime, anywhere – from now until they arrive in Vladivostok before or on Sunday 9th September 2018.

What is YB Tracking?

YB tracking is a self-contained battery operated tracker for vessels, it allows you to track a vessel’s position from anywhere on earth.

How Does it work?

YB “wakes up” on a regular basis (for example, every hour) to obtain a position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmits that position back to an online map (found on the Sail On Board website) during a race, or viewed directly from your mobile phone (if you download the app)

Who has a YB Tracker?

Every Tall Ship and Small Ship that participates in Sail Training International Races and Regattas uses YB Tracking.

This is your chance to follow the Tall Ships fleet as they make their way along the Yeosu – Vladivostok Regatta route, all thanks to the YB satellite tracking system. YB Tracking will allow you to see who is leading in the race and ensure you miss none of the sailing action.

What to do next

YB Tracking features a selection of different sailing events; the event you are interested in should be chosen on your laptop or app home screen by its event name – in this case SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018

How to Download on your phone

You can also download the YB Tracking app for your phone and tablet from the App Store and Google Play Store. You will find all the functionality of the web dashboards accessible while you’re on the go.  You can find instructions on how to use the YB Tracking system over on our YB Tracking page of the Sail on Board website.

About the SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta

The two-port Regatta takes place between Yeosu, South Korea (27 August – 1 September), and Vladivostok, Russia (9-14 September).  Primarily state owned vessels are taking part, including ships from Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Russia.

The 4th Eastern Economic Forum is being held in Vladivostok at the same time as the SCF Far East Tall Ships Regatta 2018 (11-13 September), where world leaders are expected to be in attendance.

About our sponsor: Sovcomflot 

Sovcomflot (SCF) is Russia’s largest shipping company and one of the global leaders in the maritime transportation of hydrocarbons, as well as the servicing oil and gas projects on the continental shelf, including offshore seismic exploration. The world’s leading operator and largest owner of ice-class vessels designed to operate in difficult navigational conditions: 79 ice-class vessels rated from ICE 1C to ARC7 and Icebreaker ICE-15. The Company’s fleet (owned and chartered) specialises in hydrocarbon transportation from regions with challenging icy conditions and includes 147 vessels with a combined deadweight of 12,732,069 tonnes.

The Group has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Limassol, London and Dubai. Over 7,800 employees at sea and ashore. The Group is one of the largest employers in Russia’s coastal towns of the North-West, Southern and Far Eastern regions.

A Russian translation of this article can be found here Russian Translation Yeosu departure