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Where Are They Now? We follow the fleet on their latest adventures.

Posted on: 16.10.18

We’ve started a Where Are They Now campaign this October to see what the Tall Ships and Small Ships are getting up to over the next few months…

We’ll be taking a look at where the Tall Ships and Small Ships will be sailing to, the projects they are working on and the opportunities they are offering for young people to get involved with sail training. We’ll be updating this blog post over the next few weeks as more vessels share their stories with us.

Remember to keep checking back for more updates!


Gulden Leeuw – Class Afloat

Gulden Leeuw is currently sailing to over 22 different ports on 4 continents with Class Afloat students. The school year of 2018-2019 will feature exciting stops in Brazil, Russia, Senegal, Poland and many more.

Whilst sailing to these fantastic places the voyages will also help the students learn how to be mindful tourists and at each port they will work with members of the local communities to come up with ways to leave the port as they found it.

The voyages began in September and continue until May 2019, working with students aged 16-19 – some of which have never sailed before!

Find out more about what life is like on board, how you can learn new skills and how you can get involved on the Class Afloat website. Gulden Leeuw will also be sailing in Race One and the Cruise-in-Company in the Tall Ships Races 2019 and you can Sail On Board.


Morgenster – Clean To Antarctica

Morgenster is participating in an exciting project that will turn her into a sailing think tank, taking 60 students across three legs. The first leg has already finished with two more to go which will take the vessel from Cape Verde to Sint Maarten and finally to Amsterdam.

Harry Muter from Morgenster talked about how the project started and how it’s been going so far:

“After this summer’s Tall Ship Races Morgenster prepared for this winter’s challenge.

C2A or Clean To Antarctica is an initiative of Edwin ter Velde, a technical engineer from the Netherlands. He came up with the idea of creating a think tank, where bright students use their brains and creativity to work on a sustainability case for a sponsoring industry. And Morgenster proudly created the facilities for this think tank.

On our trip from the Netherlands to Tenerife a group of students worked on the case without any interference from mentors or crew. It was a very interesting process.”

Find out more about Morgenster’s Quest for Change here and take a look at her voyage schedule to find out how you can sail on board her and join in the adventure. Morgenster has also entered all legs of the Tall Ships Races 2019.

Blue Clipper – Sailing against Plastic

Blue Clipper has spent much of the year involved in a research project “Sail Against Plastic” which brought together a group of young scientists, artists, filmmakers and photographers to help research and spread the word about the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans. Above, is the documentary film that followed the group as they ventured to the Arctic to find out more about the levels of plastic pollution.

As we enter the winter season Blue Clipper will spend some time in Portugal getting some much needed TLC, before embarking on her winter voyages in the Caribbean. Get involved and choose a voyage of between 8-30 days visiting Cuba, the Bahamas and Bermuda. Find out more here.

She’ll also be sailing in the Cruise-in-Company and Race Two of the Tall Ships Races 2019 so there are lots of opportunities to Sail On Board.



Atyla – Calling all volunteers!

Atyla is offering a unique opportunity to live on the ship for free when she docks in Bilbao for maintenance. Get stuck in and earn €100 sailing credit for each month you spend on board (minimum stay required of 30 days).

The Atyla Ship Foundation talked about their plans for this winter and how they hope to raise money to improve storage and cooking facilities on board.

“Volunteers are able to join us during the winter maintenance period for a completely different experience on board, whilst earning credit towards the upcoming sailing season, and keeping our project of Self-Development through adventure sailing and coaching for a better world alive!

This winter’s big project is refitting the galley to make it less straining on the environment and safer for our cook and the crew to use, especially during rough weather and seas. So, our cook started a GoFundMe project that, if successful, will allow us to acquire a composting machine to avoid throwing leftovers over board, to create a better storage room for more fresh food and to reduce packaging, create a proper space to separate and store recycling and for easier cooking!”

Spend your time on board helping to get Atyla ship shape for her voyages next year by helping with maintenance and ship repairs as well as helping to open the ship for visitors. Volunteering opportunities on Atyla are running from now until April/May 2019. Find out how you can get involved here.

Atyla will also be taking part in the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta and the Tall Ships Races 2019 and you can sail on board!


Christian Radich

Christian Radich.

Christian Radich – Windjammer Project

Christian Radich is currently embarking on a project called Windjammer which will take young people aged 18-25 on a series of fantastic new adventures.

The program will take Christian Radich to the Canary Islands, the Netherlands, Norway and Cape Verde. It will give young people the opportunity to learn new skills, solve practical tasks and face new challenges whilst sailing on board.

The voyages run from now until December 2019 so there are plenty of opportunities to sail as part of the program. There are 48 places available on each and you can search for your place here.

Christian Radich is also taking part in all legs of the Tall Ships Races 2019 so there are even more opportunities to Sail On Board.


Shtandart – Ship Shape for 2019

This winter Shtandart is offering the chance to join her for her maintenance period in La Rochelle, there will also be the opportunity for all participating volunteers to sail on her once the period is over. Find out more about how you can get involved on her website and take a look at how the crew and volunteers refitted and got Shtandart looking ship shape here. 

Shtandart also runs special programmes on a yearly basis aimed at young people aged between 10 and 20 who want to try their hand at being a captain or learning what it would be like to enter the maritime profession.

The Father and Son programme offers ten year olds the chance to experience what it’s like to be part of a crew, develop skills and develop an attraction to the maritime professions and “romance of the sea”. Whereas the Captains at Fifteen programme offers the chance for those under 20 to operate the ship themselves without any interruption from the crew.

“Last summer our trainee Agnia, who was 15 years old (She had come on board three times already) became a “captain” and performed a 30 mile long voyage under sail, from one port to another, with a crew of 14-18 year old mates and deck hands – without any interruption from the professional crew supervising the process! That was a really amazing experience both for trainees and the crew of Shtandart.”

Capt. Vladimir Martus – Shtandart.

Shtandart will be sailing into 2019 with plenty of adventures on the horizon and plans to visit La Rochelle, Santander, La Coruna, Gibraltar, Seville and many more destinations. She’ll also be taking part in the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 and the Tall Ships Races 2019.

Ocean Scout – Memories made and more to come in 2019

Ocean Scout is currently getting ready with the hard work of volunteers, for the 2019 sailing season with voyages starting in April.

This year she sailed in all three legs of the Tall Ships Races 2018 and trainee Sophie, 16, filmed her’s and the other trainees journey and showed what life was like on board before, during and after the first leg from Sunderland to Esbjerg.

Judy Harrison from Adventures Offshore talked about what Ocean Scout has been up to since then:

“Since the 2018 Tall Ships races she has taken young people from a wide variety of backgrounds on many voyages around the East Coast of England, Raced in the ASTO Small Ships Race from Chatham down to Gosport, and cruised along the north French coast.
Ocean Scout will be having a well-earned rest over the winter months and our hard working volunteers will be preparing her and her sister ship Offshore Scout for the 2019 season. Ocean Scout is entered in the Tall Ships Races 2019, and will also be heading down to the Channel Islands during the summer season.”

Find out about her upcoming voyages here and more information about Ocean Scout and Adventures Offshore on their website.

Eendracht – Ocean Clean Up and Caribbean Adventures

Eendracht is heading to warmer climates this winter including a voyage from Cape Verde to Paramaribo in the Caribbean. This year they have also partnered up with The Ocean Clean Up ,who develop advanced technologies to help rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Tanja Smulders from the Foundation Stichting Zeilschip Eendracht, talked about what the partnership will involve:

“This year we have partnered up with The Ocean CleanUp. On our journeys we will, together with our trainees, help the Ocean CleanUp to locate plastic.

We will start with these environmentally themed voyages this upcoming winter during our Atlantic ocean crossing. “

The voyage will offer trainees the chance to visit some unique destinations such as Cape Verde which has impressive landscapes and 10 different islands to explore and then sail 2020 nautical miles to Paramaribo to experience the culture and warmer climates of the Caribbean.

“This winter we cross the ocean from Cape Verde to Paramaribo. We start our winter journey in our home port, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. First we sail with students from the Navigation and Transport College in Rotterdam towards France, after that we make journeys with trainees to Cape Verde. From Cape Verde we cross the ocean with sailing enthusiasts and we spend our winter in the Caribbean.”

There’s no experience necessary and plenty of opportunity to learn and develop new skills whilst sailing on board. The voyage from Cape Verde to Paramaribo departs on the 17th December 2018 sailing for 18 days.  Find out more about Eendracht’s Atlantic Ocean crossing and all her upcoming voyages here.


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