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The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019: A Magnificent Arrival in The Netherlands

Posted on: 20.06.19

The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 continued in spectacular fashion today as the Tall Ships fleet made their way to the final Host Port of Scheveningen/The Hague…

Over the next four days, crews and spectators will be treated to a mix of international friendship, fun activities and entertainment. The Tall Ships fleet is expected to bring visitors from around the Netherlands and beyond, helping to transform Scheveningen/The Hague into the perfect party environment.

To help make the event truly memorable, visitors will be treated to fireworks, traditional arts and crafts, live music, multimedia entertainment and much more.

an Incredible Arrival

The celebrations got off to a stunning start as the Tall Ships fleet took part in a grand Parade of Sail into port. The parade lasted three hrs, from 09:30 to 12:30 local time, and helped build the party atmosphere throughout Scheveningen and The Hague. We were out on the water for the Parade of Sail and captured some shots of the breathtaking Tall Ships.

Following the grand Parade of Sail into port, an opening ceremony was held at the Marinierskapel where the Tall Ships fleet were welcomed to Scheveningen/The Hague.

“When we think of the sea, we always think of Scheveningen first, it is already the fishing and sailing capital of The Netherlands. This charming harbour is also home base to the Dutch Olympic Sailing Team.

“This is the perfect backdrop for the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta and a beautiful way to celebrate 75 years of peace and friendship. We are very proud to welcome some of the most beautiful Tall Ships to our harbour, they have sailed here from all over Europe, Russia, the USA, Oman, Brazil and more.

“Scheveningen is proud to welcome you here and to show you the best of what sailing has to offer.”

Deputy Mayor, Richard de Mos

The Provisional Results are In

Following the incredible arrival into port, attention has quickly turned to the results of Race One. The wind conditions made for a challenging race, but the Tall Ships fleet battled though magnificently to reach Scheveningen/The Hague.

“Results are provisional at this time, the Race Committee are expecting formal Race declarations before finalising results. We are looking forward to the Crew Parade & Prize Giving tomorrow afternoon and we can’t wait to celebrate with our international fleet here at Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019.”

Race Director, Paul Bishop

Vessel Name ClassPos In ClassPos OAFinish DateFinish TimeElapsed Time
Day Hr Min Sec
Corrected Time
Day Hr Min Sec
OOSTERSCHELDEA1118/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0000 17 28 35
MIR A2218/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0000 18 21 11
TENACIOUSA3318/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0000 19 47 56
WYLDE SWANA4418/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0000 20 43 38
CUAUHTEMOCA5518/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0000 21 03 50
J.R.TOLKIENB1618/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0001 00 02 07
SHABAB OMAN IIA6718/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0001 03 34 06
EUROPAA7818/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0002 15 43 39
MIRCEAA8918/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0016 19 37 22
CISNE BRANCOA91018/06/201912:00:0000 21 00 0023 12 48 05
Report Date: 21/06/2019 Report Time: 08:00:00 UTC

(All results are provisional and are subject to change. Final results are expected will be published once the Race Committee have received all race declaration forms.)

About Scheveningen/The Hague

Teaming together to hold their first Tall Ships event, the city of The Hague and its subdistrict Scheveningen both have plenty to offer participants and spectators alike. The Hague is the beating heart of political life in the Netherlands with its Gothic Binnenhof (Inner Court) holding the Dutch parliament. Scheveningen, which means ‘haven’ in Dutch, is located just outside the city of The Hague and is a popular spot for water sports including sailing, kiteboarding and windsurfing.

The region has a rich cultural and artistic history and is home to Vermeer’s famous painting, “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and to the world’s largest collection of paintings by Piet Mondrian.

About the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019

The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 will see the international fleet of Tall Ships race from Rouen, France, to Scheveningen/The Hague, The Netherlands. We’re delighted to have now added a feeder race that will enable the ships to go onto the start of the Tall Ships Races 2019 in Aalborg.

Coinciding with the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the liberation of occupied territory in Northwestern Europe, the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 will echo the theme of international friendship and understanding that is central to each and every Sail Training International Tall Ships event. After racing through the English Channel the fleet will embark on a Cruise-in-Company to Scheveningen/The Hague where there will be an invigorating port programme between 20-23 June.