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Vessel stats

Class B
Nationality Denmark
Year Built 1951


  • Class: B
  • Nationality: Denmark
  • Year built: 1951
  • Home port: Gaerup, Denmark
  • Height: 23.57 m
  • Length of hull: 31.11 m
  • Entered by: DSI Andromeda


  • Number of trainees: 12
  • Number of permanent crew: 6


The schooner Jutland is home to a total of six young people who all have single rooms on the ship. We eat and cook together in the galley, and students go in our own internal school in the large deck saloon.

Over the years we have achieved good results with many social disadvantaged young people, and young people with ADHD. We have wide experience in working with these young people and manage through responsibility, relationship and structure, predictability and education to help young people with the lack of skills and, not least, with the courage to get education and go into adulthood, with a stronger sense of being able to meet the increasing demands of society.

The ship participates in several international races, which helps to give young people aboard a life-time experience of teamwork and unity, as well as enhance the individual’s self-esteem.