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Vessel stats

Class A
Nationality Netherlands
Year Built 2005
Rig Brig


  • Name: MERCEDES
  • Class: A
  • Nationality: Netherlands
  • Year built: 2005
  • Home port: Amsterdam
  • Rig: Brig
  • Height: 43.4705759339247 m
  • Length of hull: 94.1100478569527 m
  • Entered by: Wind is our Friend C.V.


  • Number of trainees: 10
  • Number of permanent crew: 6
  • Showers: Yes


The ship was built in the Netherlands in 1958 as ocean going fishing vessel. She was fishing for years in the North Atlantic. Atlantic Ocean Co Ltd from Merseyside bought the ship and named her Atlantic. She was registered in Fleetwood and fishing under the Red Ensign.

After 14 years experience with commercial sailing ships the Mercedes is the new project of Wind is our Friend C.V. The very strong hull with its beatiful lines remained of the fishing vessel. The ship was redesigned and built to sail international waters. She is the first sailing ship built with highest safety standards according to the new European guidelines.