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Vessel stats

Class A
Nationality Sweden
Year Built 1940
Rig Barque 3


  • Name: GUNILLA
  • Class: A
  • Nationality: Sweden
  • Year built: 1940
  • Home port: Gothenburg
  • Rig: Barque 3
  • Height: 16.2001199753758 m
  • Length of hull: 13.2100319799208 m
  • Entered by: Add-Maritime AB



Gunilla was built as a motorsailor in the 30’s and used as a cargo vessel until 1997 when she was rebuilt into a 3-masted barque. She has since been active as a sailing college, where social studies students in the age from 16-18 years spend 60 days each year as a part of their education, learning to sail, cooperate and becoming world situation. She completes a lap around the Northern Atlantic each year, educating students every year.