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Vessel stats

Class C
Nationality Russia
Year Built 1975
Rig Bm Sloop


  • Name: BYLINA
  • Class: C
  • Nationality: Russia
  • Year built: 1975
  • Home port: St Petersburg, Russia
  • Rig: Bm Sloop
  • Height: 15.41 m
  • Length of hull: 12.50 m
  • Entered by: St Petersburg Yacht Club


  • Areas of operation: Northern Europe, Baltic
  • Number of trainees: 5
  • Number of permanent crew: 4
  • Blue Flag Member: Yes

Blue flag scheme member


Bylina was built in St Petersburg, Russia in 1975 and is currently owned by St Petersburg Navy Yacht Club.

She first participated in the Tall Ships’ Races in 1991, and has been a regular participant in The Tall Ships’ Races.