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Vessel stats

Class B
Nationality USA
Year Built 1921
Rig Gaff Schooner 2


  • Name: BOWDOIN
  • Class: B
  • Nationality: USA
  • Year built: 1921
  • Rig: Gaff Schooner 2
  • Height: 21.34 m
  • Length of hull: 21.95 m


  • Areas of operation: North America East Coast, Canada, Arctic
  • Number of trainees: 12
  • Number of permanent crew: 6
  • Operational language(s) on board: English

Tall ship races and regattas


Maine’s official state vessel, the schooner Bowdoin, will be participating in numerous events throughout the summer and fall to support local and regional communities.

The Schooner Bowdoin was built during the winter of 1920-21 for the famed Arctic explorer Donald B. MacMillan, and launched from Hodgdon Brothers Shipyard in East Boothbay, Maine. At 88 feet long, 21 feet wide, and weighing 66 tons the Bowdoin is the smallest vessel designed expressly for Arctic work. In 1921-22, the design of the ship proved to be perfect for MacMillan’s Arctic work, and he sailed the Bowdoin more than 300,000 miles over 26 voyages through the frozen North in exploration and scientific studies.

The Bowdoin was completely rebuilt in 1980-84 by Maine Maritime Museum’s boatshop, Percy & Small Shipyard. It has been the official state vessel of Maine since 1988.