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There is a body of independent academic research validating the power and value of sail training in the personal development of young people.

A selection of these studies can be downloaded here.


Sail Training: A Systematic Review

Starting around 2000, research activity about sail training increased such that there is now sufficient research on the subject to constitute a foundation upon which an emerging body of literature can be identified. The literature has the potential to be utilized to influence program design, policy, theory, and practice—a growing area of youth development practice. […]

ASTO theory of change, evidence review and measurement framework

Prepared for ASTO by James Noble, Anoushka Kenley and Sonali Patel, New Philanthropy Capital, 2017 Theory of change What is a theory of change? A theory of change is a map of causal links which seeks to explain why and how an intervention has impact. Effectively, it is a description of how we think change […]

Pilot study by Murray Henstock on development on engagement with learning and education

It is difficult to provide disengaged youth, who are at risk of not fulfilling their potential, with the social support necessary to remain active contributors to society. They are more likely to fail and drop from education greatly reducing the prospect of becoming constructive, productive community members. Consequently strategies to promote engagement with learning and […]

Sail Training Programme Evaluation

A Self-Assessment Tool for Vessel Operators Project Update:  January 2012 Sail Training International and our member national organisations are committed to improving standards and promoting sail training to a wider audience.  As part of this commitment, the Sail Training Programme Evaluation Self-Assessment Toolkit was launched at our Annual Conference in Stavanger in November of 2010 […]

The Characteristics and Value of the Sail Training Experience

Conducted by the University of Edinburgh Commissioned by Sail Training International and its member national organisations THE UNIVERSITY of EDINBURGH June 2007 Foreword This independent study into the value and effectiveness of sail training was commissioned by Sail Training International and its member national organisations around the world. It was conducted by the University of […]

Survey into the effectiveness of R. Tucker Thompson Sail Training Programmes

In February 2014, the R. Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust initiated two surveys to establish the effectiveness of their 7-day youth development voyages. The Trust promotes confidence, leadership and teamwork as three key outcomes of participation. These two surveys tested the validity of this statement to analyse the benefits from the perception of the parents […]

R. Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust: 2016 Trainee and Parent Survey

2016 was the fourth year that R. Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust completed a research survey of Sail Trainees and Parents. Over the years, they have refined the questions they ask and also aligning their research surveys so they provide a meaningful comparison in terms of the young person’s view of the world and that […]

Case Study of “Blue Watch” on STS Leeuwin

The present study, “Blue Watch” on STS Leeuwin, was one of the Leeuwin Sail Training Foundation Ltd Research Board’s first approved projects, and its purpose was to determine the effects of a specific 10-day STS Leeuwin voyage (#11, Carnarvon – Dampier, IS-28th May, 1993) using a case study approach.

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