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Youth Development Fund 2021 Opens for Submissions

December 11, 2020

Sail Training International is pleased to announce the launch of the Youth Development Fund 2021, a £25,000 fund provided to support a number of projects fostering youth development.

The Youth Development Fund was launched in 2019 and is aimed at the development of more effective Sail Training programmes for young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds. It supports organisations – preferably nonprofit – to deliver Sail Training programmes reaching young people from diverse backgrounds, particularly those from a disadvantaged background and offers one or more of the following areas of development:

  • Improve trainees’ personal, social, or educational development
  • Enhance international friendship and understanding
  • Demonstrate replicable models of innovation and good practice in Sail Training

In addition to this, the funded projects should achieve one or more of the following:

  • Increase the number of young people participating in Sail Training, particularly those who enjoy fewer opportunities
  • Encourage a structured approach to the management and outcomes of sail training programmes
  • Encourage effective partnerships between sail training operators and other agencies/partners/organisations working with young people over the long term and provide credible evidence of how far the stated outcomes have been achieved

The deadline for applications for this year’s fund is 18 January 2021.

Applications are accepted from National Sail Training Organisations, sail training operators, land­ based agencies/organisations or individuals working with young people and schools.

Applicants are likely to be non-profit bodies working for public benefit and exempt from tax. We will also consider exceptional proposals from commercial companies meeting the above criteria.

We would like to extend our thanks to the Royal Navy of Oman whose generosity has made the Youth Development Fund 2021 possible. Having supported countless young people to have a Sail Training adventure through the annual €50,000 Oman Bursary scheme since 2011, their continued support means we are able to bring the transformative experience of Sail Training to young people around the world.

Previous Recipients

In 2019 we received some amazing applications and awarded the funds to inspirational projects from Sail Training Association Latvia, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, Sail Training Association of Queensland and Challenge Wales.


Sail Training Association Latvia (STA Latvia) organises the programme “Latvian Winds’ Tribe”. The programme aims to engage with young people from remote Latvian areas and bring them meaningful leisure time activities that will improve the level of inclusivity within Sail Training provided by STA Latvia.


Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation received funding for their programme delivering Sail Training experiences to drought affected communities. The programme took young men and women from severely drought affected areas to participate in a seven day voyage on the Sail Training Ship Leeuwin II sailing from Albany to Fremantle.


Sail Training Association of Queensland received funding support for an eight day voyage for a combined group of 22 Japanese and Australian youths. By bringing together young people from different cultures, this voyage will offer the benefits of a traditional sailing experience and help those taking part to develop an understanding of foreign cultures. This an opportunity not readily available for two island nations.


Challenge Wales have received funding for their Stepping Stones programme – six one and a half day accredited voyages aimed at disadvantaged 14 – 25 year olds and those struggling to enter the workforce. Each trainee will have an opportunity to gain accreditation in teamwork (through Agored Cymru), have the opportunity to make new friends and develop confidence through Sail Training activities.


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The deadline for applications for this year’s fund is 18 January 2021.

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