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Lord Nelson in the crew parade, Antwerp

Jubilee Sailing Trust Emergency Appeal Update

July 4, 2019

Following on from a successful start to their urgent fundraising campaign, we are providing an update to the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s Emergency Appeal to urge all of our friends within the Sail Training and Tall Ships world to contribute in any way they can to help this fantastic organisation.

Over the past 40 years, the Jubilee Sailing Trust has delivered nearly 50,000 transformative adventures. Throughout this time, their work has made a profound difference to the lives of people of all abilities, ages, backgrounds and circumstances. They have had a global reach and sailed their important mission to every continent on the planet.

At a meeting on Thursday June 27th 2019, the Trustees of the trust resolved that they should launch an emergency rescue fundraising effort to address our very serious financial challenges. Their objective is to urgently raise £1million of unrestricted funds by Friday July 5th 2019 to ensure that this can happen.

They have experienced a fantastic fundraising period so far and over 1,500 donors have collectively raised over £700,000 – taking them a brilliant way towards their target.

It has been amazing to see support from people across the world, along with the generous donations everyone has made to help the Jubilee Sailing Trust continue they fantastic work around the world for many years to come!

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