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2019/20 Canada Legacy Fund Winners Announced

December 11, 2019

Sail Training International is delighted to announce the winners of the Canada Legacy Fund for 2019/20. The winners of the $25,000 Canadian Dollar fund are AtylaEcomaris, and Pelican of London

The Canada Legacy Fund was set up with donations from Rendez-Vous Naval de Quebec following the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta. The purpose of the fund is to support organisations in delivering youth sail training programmes that will reach disadvantaged young Canadians from 14 to 25 years of age. These programmes focus on personal skills and enhance international friendship and practice in Sail Training.

The Winners

  • Atyla: $8,000 CAN
  • Ecomaris: $7,000 CAN
  • Pelican of London: $10,000 CAN


Atyla have been awarded $8,000 dollars to provide a cultural exchange for their trainees in collaboration with the Canadian charity Toronto Brigantine. A specialised coach will lead a series of challenges and sessions at sea with the aim of widening participant’s comfort zones in a safe way, building character, self-confidence and emotional intelligence in a culturally diverse environment.

Through this cultural exchange the youngsters will benefit from group coaching sessions, having to work on their soft skills of emotional intelligence, communication, empathy, social and environmental responsibility and teamwork. All of these are valuable career skills, but will also have a great impact on the way participants value themselves in their everyday lives.



Ecomaris have been awarded $7,000 dollars to help fund its “Cosmic Plankton” programme. The programme will combine aspects of Sail Training with environmental education. A team of scientists and sailors will embark on a voyage to navigate the Gulf of St. Lawrence and explore the mysteries of the wide universe and the seabed. The voyage, to be completed in 2020, will bring 24 vulnerable young people on a seven day internship which will help them to develop leadership and life skills.


Pelican of London

Pelican of London have been awarded $10,000 dollars to support a cultural exchange. They will take 18 trainees and two mentors to Bordeaux (twinned with Quebec) and meet with eight local disadvantaged young people for an experiential and educational voyage that will take them to Bristol, UK, before sailing on to Dublin, Ireland. Upon their arrival in Ireland, the trainees will spend five days in and around Dublin immersing themselves in local culture and taking part in a range of team building activities alongside local young people with support from Sail Training Ireland.

Pelican of London

Other valuable applications were received from the following organisations:

  • Bytown Brigantine
  • Ecole des Sources

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