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Every year we are proud to be able to provide a range of funds that support the continued delivery and development of Sail Training around the world.

You can see learn about the different Sail Training projects we have supported around the world and the real world impacts an adventure under sail for young people taking part. As we continue to provide a range of funds and grants aimed at increasing access to this vital experience, we are thankful for the continued support from donors around the world.

We would like express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Royal Navy of Oman, whose kind generosity made the Youth Development Fund 2021 possible. In addition to helping young people to have a Sail Training adventure through the annual €50,000 Oman Bursary scheme since 2011, their support has meant we have able to bring the transformative experience of Sail Training to young people around the world.


CatZero were awarded £6,000 to support their Youth Futures project.

STS Leeuwin II

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation were awarded €5,000 to support their Drought Affected Communities project.


Brigantine Incorporated were awarded $10,000 dollars to help develop a new sail training program for young people including at risk youth.


Ecomaris from Montreal were awarded $10,000 Canadian dollars for their “Cosmic Plankton” program in which Sail Training aspects will be combined with environmental education.

Keith’s Crew

We sent 16 trainees on the adventure of a lifetime for the Tall Ships Races 2019 through the Keith’s Crew bursary.

Dana Dalicsek

Read Dana’s story of the transformative impact sail training can have on a young person’s future development.


Help us to continue our vital work in developing young people and promoting international friendship and understanding through a donation with the Charities Aid Foundation.

Funding and Bursaries

Find out more about the different bursaries and funds we provide and how to apply.

Relive the Races

Use YB satellite tracking to relive all the action during The Tall Ships Races 2023 and The Tall Ships Races Magellan-Elcano...

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