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Sochi, Russia

Sochi has enjoyed its status as a household name since 2014. The region was proud to host the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games, the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix… and the Tall Ships fleet. Sochi was excited to take its place as the third port of the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta in 2016.

This seasonal resort city is the country’s largest, and it’s known as the pearl of the “Russian Riviera.” It’s located approximately 2,400 km due south of Moscow, and it stretches for 145 km along the shores of the Black Sea, near the Caucasus Mountains.

Sochi is an intriguing destination that boasts an interesting juxtaposition of urban attitude and seaside chic. More than four million people visit Sochi’s mountainous coastline, endless shingle beaches, warm weather, and bustling nightlife every year. In fact, from May to September, the city’s population at least doubles as tourists, celebrities and the country’s political elite flock to enjoy the sights.

The city is known for its subtropical climate, sweeping landscapes, long beaches, and pristine parks. It also boasts a number of popular health resorts, spas and hotels, as well as mineral springs.

Find out what makes Sochi one of Russia’s best vacation spots in this video from National Geographic: