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Esbjerg, Denmark

The international fleet visited Esbjerg for a fifth time during the Tall Ships Races 2022. 2025 will see the Danish city create their greenest Tall Ships yet…

The Danish city of Esbjerg is a long-time friend of The Tall Ships Races, last welcoming the tall ships fleet in 2022 for the fifth time. The celebrations then were the perfect start to the series and we’re sure to enjoy another spectacular and memorable four days of festivities in 2025.

The Port of Esbjerg is the lifeblood of the Danish city and plays a key role in Esbjerg’s transformation into an environmentally sustainable city, driven by renewable energy. This environmental awareness, coupled with a strong belief in the positive impact of the sail training experience, makes Esbjerg a perfect partner for The Tall Ships Races 2025.

“I am delighted to say that Esbjerg is eagerly looking forward to welcoming The Tall Ships Races for the sixth time. This event continues to be a highlight for our city, and although Esbjerg has become the Energy Metropolis of Denmark with an industry revolving around the energy sector, The Tall Ships Races is an opportunity to showcase Esbjerg’s rich maritime heritage.

“The Tall Ships Races provides us with an opportunity to strengthen existing ties and form new ones, as we all work towards hosting this remarkable event.”
Mayor of Esbjerg Municipality and current President of the World Energy Cities Partnership, Jesper Frost Rasmussen