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Top 10 Essentials for Tall Ships Races and Sail Training

Posted on: 18.01.17

There’s nothing quite like jumping on board a Tall Ship for the first time – it’s an incredible and exhilarating experience! Whether you’re taking part in the Tall Ships Races 2020 or another sailing voyage, we want you to get the most out of your epic adventure.

We asked members of our Facebook Group, “What can’t you live without on board?” We had a feeling that previous trainees might have some tips and tricks for making life at sea even better… and they didn’t disappoint us!

We’ve put together our top 10 favourite responses:

1. Tea and Coffee

Pete Duszynski suggested bringing orange, Earl Grey and mint tea on board, while Chris Ng told us that he can’t live without coffee.

2. Bandana

Sophie Halliday shared her love of her bandana. She said, “It keeps my hair out of my eyes when I’m climbing and my neck warm when it’s cold.”

3. Ginger

We often hear that ginger is great for seasickness – Caleb Clements suggested that ginger biscuits are an effective cure. However, Eva Fuchs thought that ginger gummy bears were the way to go.

4. Gloves

Pete Duszynski recommended bringing “gloves without fingers. Best in the rig and for pulling ropes.” Wing Chan warned against woollen gloves, by saying, “Many years ago, some trainees would come with woollen gloves. We wouldn’t let them wear these while doing rope work, because they could get snagged and take fingers into blocks.” Ouch!

5. Strap for Sunglasses

Luke Robinson told us that keeping your sunglasses on your head can be a struggle, “especially on rougher waters.” A strap is a great way to keep track of them.

6. BBQ Sauce

Matt Turner thought that BBQ sauce was the one thing that made life on board even better.

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7. Plastic Bags

Charlie Sinclair reminded us that being soggy isn’t much fun – it’s hard to dry things on a Tall Ship! Plastic bags might be the answer here.

8. Flashlight

Nancy Richardson shared a fantastic idea. She said, “A tiny red flashlight (red to preserve night vision). I carry one with my wallet every day. Useful at sea and ashore, good during the day and night.”

9. Notebook

Pete Duszynski suggested bringing along a “little notebook.” We think this is a great way to record your voyage and your thoughts.

10. A Sense of Humour and an Open Mind

This one might just be our absolute favourite. Wing Chan suggested, “An open mind for meeting new shipmates, regardless of one’s own or their background.” Laura Cahill added, “A sense of humour, because laughter really is the best medicine.”

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