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The Tall Ships Races 2016 Cadiz: The City of Solidarity

Posted on: 28.07.16

Cadiz – the third port of The Tall Ships Races 2016 – is living up to its reputation of being a meeting place of cultures and languages as the port has warmly welcomed the fleet and opened its doors to visitors for the next four days (Thursday 28 – Sunday 31 July).


With visitors already exploring the festival site, a grand opening ceremony took place at midday today (Thursday 28 July). With a throng of local and national media in attendance; the popular city mayor, Jose Maria Gonzalez Santos; Sail Training International Race Chairman, Raul Mimbacas and Head of Cadiz Theatre, Eduardo Bablé, gave the event the perfect start – accompanied by cello playing, poetry, all the ships sounding their horns – and the parade of a giant inflatable whale through the site.

Sail Training International Race Chairman, Raul Mimbacas said:

“Most trainees who participate in The Tall Ships Races say that the experience has changed their lives. And since 1956 The Tall Ships Races has not only given this opportunity to young people from around the world, it has also spread the message of peace.”

Jose Maria Gonzalez Santos (also known as Kichi), Mayor of Cadiz spoke about the importance of The Tall Ships Races 2016 coming to Cadiz.

“Cadiz has always been a city of solidarity between different cultures and over the next few days we will be a welcoming city of hospitality for the many different countries we have welcomed here today. Cadiz is Phonoecian, Roman and Muslim. Live Cadiz and come aboard our city.”


To ensure each and every trainee and visitor has the time of their lives, the city have put together a diverse range of events and activities. Alongside the Crew Parade, Prize-Giving Ceremony and Crew Party, there are a number of exciting activities.

Tug of War

The highly competitive spirit of the crews will be put to full test with a Tug of War knock out cup competition, following a practise/training session to get their muscles flexed and ready for battle.

Live Bands

Each day of the festival will feature live bands. Thursday will see saxophonist and singer Antonio Linzana; Friday soloist and local favourite Lamari of Chambo and Saturday mass ensemble Marlango.


Friday’s fun continues with a mass participation ‘Zumba’ session will be sure to provide a spectacle and a chance for crews to show off their dancing skills.

Mass Latin Dance

Saturday is going to get tango-tastic. The group dance theme continues with another mass lesson, this time focusing on Latin dance. Attendees will be sure to indulge their dancing feet in the cool heat of the early evening.

As Major of Cadiz, Jose Maria Gonzalez, said,

“In Cadiz nobody feels foreign. In Cadiz everyone has their home. Make the most of your stay here – stroll, discover, investigate, talk to the people and don’t worry about losing yourself in the streets, they all lead to the Atlantic.”