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Sail Training International Conference 2024 Registration

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This form is to register for The Sail Training International Conference 2024 in A Coruna, Spain.
The information received here will be used in your delegate pack, please ensure all names are written in full and spellings are correct.
You will receive a confirmation email within minutes of your registration, if you are unable to locate your confirmation email please check your Spam folder.

Privacy Policy
Address (please note - city, state/province & zip/ postal code must be completed)
Do you wish your email address to be included in the networking list issued to registered delegates?
A 'Networking List' containing name, organisation, role and email address of all delegates registered on or before 10th November will be issued to all delegates on 11th November in order that meetings can be pre-arranged etc prior to the event. A final and complete list (including late registrants) will be issued in hard copy on arrival at the event, containing the same details.
The Sail Training International Ships Council (STISC) will meet before the official conference starts on Thursday 21st November 12-4pm. Registration for this meeting is essential for logistical reasons and only pre-booked delegates will be able to attend.
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