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First Four Host Ports of The Tall Ships Races 2023 Announced

May 11, 2021

Tall Ships Races International Ltd., a subsidiary of Sail Training International, is delighted to announce that Den Helder (The Netherlands), Hartlepool (UK), Fredrikstad (Norway) and Lerwick (UK) have been selected to be the Host Ports of The Tall Ships Races 2023…

We’re delighted to welcome these four returning Host Ports, who each have a fantastic history hosting The Tall Ships Races. We are confident that they will each once again provide a spectacular reception for the Tall Ships fleet and that together they will embrace Sail Training International’s mission of youth development and international friendship and understanding.

Tall Ships Races International Ltd.’s Chief Operating Officer, Alan James, welcomed the news of the confirmed Host Ports:

“We have immense pride in our rich history with Den Helder, Hartlepool, Fredrikstad and Lerwick and look forward to returning to these ports with The Tall Ships Races 2023. We are thrilled to welcome back old friends of the series and are confident these ports host the international Tall Ships fleet in spectacular fashion with their longstanding maritime legacies.

“We have no doubt that these Host Ports will extend a warm welcome to ships and trainees alike, showcasing our values of international friendship and understanding and the development of young people. We look forward to bringing The Tall Ships Races 2023 to the North Sea with great excitement.”

Chief Operating Officer, Alan James

Tall Ships Races International Ltd. is currently seeking to contract a fifth Host Port to complete The Tall Ships Races 2023 series and would like to invite any interested ports or cities to contact our Commercial Director, Vanessa Mori (, to discuss their interest further.

As with every series, The Tall Ships Races 2023 will offer trainees an opportunity to participate in a variety of Sail Training experiences along with enticing options for international vessel operators to build a strong base for trainee recruitment. For the international Tall Ships fleet, it will offer an exciting racecourse including thrilling shorter racing, longer more challenging routes and scenic cruises on offer throughout the legs.

We look forward to announcing the final Host Port of the series in the coming months.

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