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Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta Race 5, Report 15: From Racing to Relaxing

Posted on: 19.08.17

At the time of publication only three vessels were still left to finish the final Transatlantic leg of the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta.

Understandably, the only crew comment we’ve had in is from the winners on corrected time – Oosterschelde – who is celebrating her big race win. Captain Adrian Poortman said, “Warren was at the helm when we passed the finish line south of Eddystone lighthouse, off the coast of Plymouth UK at 16:02 UTC. First in Class A and overall. A huge thanks to the crew!”

The rest of the crews are relaxing after their long passage having covered distances n this final leg ranging from 2182 – 2376 nautical miles. And it’s still not over, the final port and party of the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta is still to come in Le Havre, France (Thursday 31 August – Sunday 3 September).  More news to follow on this event, which combines with Le Havres 500th birthday celebrations to follow over the coming week.

First, Paul Bishop, Race Director, Sail Training International reports on the final race.

Peter von Danzig was first to cross the finish line having led the fleet most of the way for over 2,000 miles. They had come under increasing pressure from Rona II over the past week which had made gains on them but they responded well by covering this threat by placing themselves between their rival and the finish line in the closing stages. In the end Rona II crossed the line five ours afterwards.

Regina Germania, Alexander von Humboldt II and Atyla are yet to finish but the provisional results have Oosterschelde in first place on corrected time with Blue Clipper and Jolie Brise in second and third places respectively.

“The racing has been exhilarating, intense and competitive since starting off Halifax, Canada on Tuesday 1 August but the crews have a more relaxed week or so to look forward to as they cruise around the English Channel/La Manche and other ports before they are due in to Le Havre, France. Most vessels are expected to arrive in Le Havre, the final host port of this epic four-month event, by Tuesday 29 August.”

PositionS overall and by class – on corrected time:

  1. Oosterschelde (Netherlands) (1st Class A) FINISHED
  2. Blue Clipper (UK) (1st Class B) FINISHED
  3. Jolie Brise (UK) (2nd Class B) FINSHED
  4. Gulden Leeuw (Netherlands) (2nd Class A) FINISHED
  5. Atyla (Vanuatu) (3rd Class B)
  6. Alexander Von Humboldt II (Germany) (3rd Class A)
  7. Rona II (UK) (1st Class C/D) FINISHED
  8. Regina Germania (Germany) (2nd Class C/D)
  9. Spaniel (Latvia) (3rd Class C/D) FINISHED
  10. Vahine (Finland) (4th Class C/D) FINISHED
  11. Peter Von Danzig (Germany) (5th Class C/D) FINSHED

You can continue to follow the fleet unti they arrive in Le Havre using YB Satellite Tracking.

Photo:  Time to sleep – Valery Vasilevskiy